Tasting Darkness By Jessica Hall Chapter 44

Read Tasting Darkness By Jessica Hall Chapter 44 – “You can lock me in,” I blurted, not wanting to be stuck in a room with them. His hand gripped my throat, and he walked m e backward until I hit the wall. My hands wrapped around his wrist, yet he didn‘t put any pressure on my throat just simply held me, his way of telling me he could me easily. Darius pressed his entire body against mine, and his stubble brushed my cheek as he leaned in.

“I am being very lenient right now by not breaking your neck. You will be in our room from now on because you can‘t be trusted.” I shook my head, not wanting to sleep in there with them or be anywhere near Darius or Tobias, Lycus. I didn‘t want to be near either, but if I had to pick a lesser evil, it was him, kind of.

“Maybe Kalen can stay in my room,” I asked, and he growled, pressing so close I could feel the heat of his anger seep into m e. His aura pressed down on me suffocatingly.

“And tomorrow when our mates wake up, you can explain to them why you are in our room and what you attempted to do,” Darius murmured. I gasped, thinking of Kalen, how much that would hurt him if I said I was trying to escape him.

“But Kalen would hate me,” I whispered.

“Exactly,” Darius snarled before shoving off me. He took a step back and smiled. So that was his punishment, why he didn’t just kill me. He wanted me to make Kalen hate me, and I gritted my teeth before glaring at him. But two could play at this game.

“Fine, I will tell them then, I will tell them that you came into my room and tried to hurt me, so I ran, we will see who Kalen believes, me or his fucking sadistic mate,” I smiled and shrugged. Darius tilted his head to the side, examining me, and I turned toward his bedroom door.

“Tobias would be able to tell your lying; it wouldn‘t work,”

“But Kalen also knows that Tobias would lie for you,” I retorted, he snarled, and I found myself slammed against the wall, the air expelled from my lungs with one harsh puff.

“Either I sleep in your room with you, or you sleep in ours, Aleera, so fucking pick, and you pull that shit again, and I may just kill you. I will not allow you to get between my mates and me.”

“Let me sleep in my room,”

“So you would rather be locked in a room with me than in a room with all of us?”

“I would rather you six foot down and buried, but I don’t seem to get what I want,” I snapped at him. He laughed before pressing closer, so close I could feel his lips move against mine.

“The only reason you are alive is because of Kalen; the rest of u s wanted to kill you. Just remember that next time because if it

was up to me, I would have let them wolves rip you apart,” Darius sneered.

“And if I could go back to that night, I would have let them. At least I wouldn’t have to put up with you daily,” I spat back at him.

“So what is it, Aleera? Am I sleeping in your room, or would you rather be in mine where Kalen is,” Darius asked. ‘

“For someone who finds me repulsive, you are pretty insistent on spending the night with me,” I said, glaring at him. He went to say something when I spoke, cutting him off.

“Or was Kalen right about you sneaking into my room at night? You claim to hate me so much, and if that was true, why the fuck can‘t you stay out of my room?” Darius says nothing, just glares at me. His burning anger made the temperature rise, and I knew what Kalen said was true.

“He was telling the truth, wasn‘t he? You hate me yet can‘t stay away,”

“Don‘t flatter yourself, Aleera. I do hate you, but you are our rightful keeper; I don‘t get to control the bond, no matter how stupid it feels about you,” Darius sneered.

“No, but you control your actions, so why come in? Or do you have a thing for unsuspecting sleeping girls, some fucked up kink?”,

Darius pounced on me, and I crashed to the ground with him landing on top of me. I tried to kick him off, but he pressed all of his weight down on me. His hand moved, covering my mouth before he shoved his hand in my pants.

I thrashed and hit at him when he uncovered my mouth before pinning my hands above my head, holding them in one of his. I glared at him when his hand slid beneath my panties. I hated him, fucking hated him, yet my body reacted to his touch as he cupped my pussy which suddenly had its own heartbeat. Despite my hatred, his touch made me moan as his fingers caressed my slit, his touch was rough and forceful when his fingers moved between my folds, and he shoved one inside me.

A scream bubbled up my throat as I went to call out for Kalen when his lips crashed down on mine, almost hungrily. I pressed my lips together and Darius bit my lips making me hiss only for his tongue to plunge into my mouth.

The bond reacted automatically with no say from me and I moaned into his mouth as his tongue played with mine. Darius slid his finger out before forcing another inside me. The stretching feeling made me jerk when he curled his fingers inside, and I thrashed as he rubbed his thumb across my clit. Tears of embarrassment brimmed as I felt my body start climbing higher despite my protests of not wanting his touch, yet the bond craved it.

My walls clenched around his fingers as he built up friction, and he groaned into my mouth as his tongue assaulted mine, my body reacting, and I tried to think of anything other than his vile touch. However, the bond had other ideas, wanting and craving for him to keep going though my mind screamed for m e not to come.

My stomach clenched and I struggled harder as heat ran through me, making me gasp when he moved his thumb quicker, his fingers soaked with the arousal the bond caused, and the friction became too much. My walls clenched and throbbed, and Darius kissed me harder, covering my mouth with his and stifling my moans as my orgasm ripped through My surroundings muted as pleasure rippled through me, and m y hips moved involuntarily against his hand. When the high subsided, his fingers slipped out of me, and I was left humiliated and breathless.

Darius pulled away from me, and his hand slipped out of my pants. “Now I am guessing you didn‘t want to come, but it sucks when you have no control over your bond, just like I have no control of being in your room when my bond is fucking calling for you,” He sneered. I looked away from him, ashamed when he shoved between my legs, his erection pressed against me, and I turned back to glare at him.‘

“As you can feel, I definitely feel the fucking bond, I just choose to deny it control, so don‘t get it twisted, Aleera; the bond may want you, just like yours wants mine, but I will never be yours, nor will I allow you to be mine,” he says before shoving off me.

I scrambled to my feet and away from him while he waited for me to pick which door when his bedroom door opened. Tobias groggily stepped out, glancing at us in the hall.

“What‘s going on?” he yawned, and my cheeks heated, and I rubbed my arms, suddenly feeling cold.

“What will itbe Aleera?” I gritted my teeth, no way did I want t o be locked in a room alone with him, so I shoved past Tobias and walked over to the couch.

“Ah, what‘s going on?” Tobias asked as I dropped onto the couch.

“Nothing she sleeps in here from now on,” Darius answered while I said nothing.

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