Tasting Darkness By Jessica Hall Chapter 46

Read Tasting Darkness By Jessica Hall Chapter 46 – “Ready?” Lycus asks me and I sigh, and I nod my head. “I don’t see why you can’t wait,” Tobias snaps at him. “Chill, you can have your way with me when I return,” Lycus laughed, going over and pecking his lips. His way with him? Is that why Tobias was pouting like a child? “I just need to get my tablet,” I tell Lycus wanting to escape their doting affections. It was not that it bothered me, but I felt like I was intruding or some strange bystander gawking.

“I already grabbed it for you, come on,” Lycus said before pecking Kalen’s lips as he was walking to the door. I quickly followed after him, and I could feel Darius glaring at him at us as we left. “Didn’t think Tobias would pout over not getting laid,” I admitted as we went down the stairs. Lycus shrugs.

“He can be whinier than Kalen. Darius is the worst. He becomes a real fucking asshole when his power gets low, and h e is horny,” Lycus says, and I stop.


“How do you think we power share, Aleera? We have to fuck each other. It’s easier for Darius. He can siphon easier being demonic-fae, but now we are all bonded, we actually like fucking each other,”

“Wait, so you don’t just fuck to power share?”

“Ah, no. We are bonded, Aleera. We do love each other, too; we don’t just fuck out of necessity. We used to. Well, except Kalen and I. But now,” He shrugs. And I race after him trying to catch up.

“So what, you have an orgy during breakfast?” I chuckle.

“No, but mealtimes are the only times we really get to be in place besides at night, and Tobias fed off you, which makes him horny,” Lycus said.

“Makes him horny?”

“What, you haven’t noticed he gets a raging hard-on every time he feeds on you,”

“Well, I don’t usually look at his dick when he feeds on me,” I tell him as we line up in the cafeteria. He fills two trays full of food and walks over to a table. I stare at him when he sits down because I expect him to dump it and leave me.

“Sit and eat,” Lycus says, pulling out the chair beside him.

“You’re going to eat with me?” I ask, glancing around at all the faces watching us.

“I said I was, didn’t I?” With another glance around, I sit down. Everyone watched us, and I watched them back, waiting for one of them to do something, but none approached us.

“Aleera, eat,” Lycus said, nudging my plate closer. I looked down at it to find it piled with more than what was on his plate. Grabbing my fork, I started to eat while watching everyone.

It wasn’t until I was nearly finished that Zac wandered over to the table, and I tensed, wondering what he would do.

“Eating with the traitor, boss man,”

“And what’s it to you, Zac?” Lycus asked, and I got the impression Lycus didn’t particularly like Zac.

“Just curious as to why you’re down here,” Zac shrugs, and Lycus leans back in his chair and looks at him.

“And why is that?”
“Because we rarely see Aleera in here, so it’s interesting she came in with you,” Zac said, eyeing me.

“I noticed she was losing weight, wanted to make sure she was eating and not missing any meals. Now that you just confirmed she is, I may just need to eat with her every meal. Darius would be pissed if she starved to death,” Lycus snapped. My brows furrowed at this weird topic of conversation, and I wondered why he cared if I ate or not.

“Hmm, suppose your right, anyway have you seen Deacon he never returned last night after he went into town?”

“Probably at one of his hoes places,” Lycus shrugged.

“Yeah, I will keep trying to ring him,” Zac said before wandering off. I looked at Lycus, who was glaring at Zac.” Can’t fucking stand him,” Lycus growls before getting up. I quickly start picking up my plate and tray when Lycus stops and looks at me.

“No, stay, finish eating,” Lycus says, and I shake my head.

“I’m done,” I tell him even though my belly started rumbling hungrily. He looked around at everyone who was watching us.

“Are they not letting eat?” Lycus asks me, and I look around at all the men in the room glaring daggers at me. I shake my head. “No, I am just full,” I lie, and my stupid belly growls in protest. Lycus raises an eyebrow at me before turning to everyone in the room. My stomach sank when he growled. Was he trying to get me killed?

“No one messes with her at meals. She needs to fucking eat. I hear one word about you tampering with her food or preventing her from eating. You will answer to me,” “But she is a traitor,” Zac protested.

“I don’t give a fuck what Darius told you she is. Mess with her while she is eating, and you fucking answer to me. Is that clear?” Lycus snarled.

“Yes, sir,” a few said while some dropped their heads and others nodded. Lycus turns to me and points to the table. “Sit, finish eating. They mess with you, fucking tell me,” He says, and I shrink back down in my seat. Lycus walks out, and I prepare to run the moment he leaves. Zac gets up, and I tense, grabbing my fork to use as a weapon if needed.

“Fucking bullshit,” Zac sneers before leaving.

“Where are you going?” Satish asks him.

“To look for Deacon,” Zac calls out over his shoulder. It took m e a good five minutes of glancing around only to realize no one approached me; they stared but didn’t come over. I ate cautiously while looking around until the bell rang, too scared t o move until they were gone, and I was sure no one was coming to hurt me. Carefully wrapping up my leftovers, I stuck my head out the door before rushing into the cells to give Ryze some food.

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