Tasting Darkness By Jessica Hall Chapter 47

Read Tasting Darkness By Jessica Hall Chapter 47 – Tobias POV

Something was going on with Lycus because he never missed breakfast, and where did he have to go that was more important than our morning ritual? I waited for around 5 minutes before leaving myself and looking for him. Yet the bond led me to the mess hall. Walking to the door, I noticed he was actually eating with Aleera. Now that was new. Lycus hated being around her. Moving away from the entry, I waited for him to come out. Great, he was eating with Aleera when he should be sucking my dick.

I growled, annoyed because this hard-on was becoming annoying, and Darius wanted to check the wards so he couldn’t help me out with it. Not only that, I preferred Lycus’s warm mouth. The man was like a vacuum. Kalen was in a damn mood from the time Aleera walked out the door, so he was out of the question unless I wanted my dick bitten off. So I had no choice but to wait for Lycus.

I sat on the stairs waiting, bored out of my fucking mind, when I heard him become angry and scold all the men in the mess hall. Eventually, he stormed out while muttering under his breath, and I stood up. “Finally,” I whined, and he stopped looking over at me.

“What are you doing here?” he asked, turning away from the doors leading outside and turning to face me.

“More like what were you doing eating with Aleera? I thought you said you were just grabbing something, not actually eating with her,” I growled at him. “She has been starving. They haven’t been letting her eat,” Lycus growled, and I looked toward the door. My brows furrowed.

“What do you mean?” I asked, though I had seen she was dropping weight and her iron was low, plus many other minerals and vitamin levels.

“Do you ever bother to open the damn chat link?” Lycus snapped. I shook my head, wondering what he was talking about. “I deleted it before Kalen saw, but they have been forcing her t o starve. That is just plain cruel,” Lycus snarls. a

“Who has?” Lycus tosses his arms in the air, frustrated, and storms off.

“Wait, I came looking for you for a reason,” I called after him. “Suck your own dick,” Lycus calls, and I growl, annoyed. What is it with everyone today? With a sigh, I pulled my phone out a s the siren blasts signaling classes started, but since I was not walking around with this all day, I was canceling mine until I found a hot mouth to put it in or an ass, I wasn’t picky. With a sigh, I started walking up the steps when Zac stopped me when I reached the top of the stairs. “Have you seen Deacon?”

“Nah, buddy, I haven’t,” I tell him, and he looks down, he smirks.

“That explains why you canceled class, I just got the notification,” Zac teased, and I shoved him.

“Bugger off, unless your willing to suck it,”

“Hard pass,” He laughs, moving off with the rest of the men. I shake my head at him. He could be an idiot. Just as I was about to climb the next set of stairs, I stopped because I noticed Aleera come out of the mess hall with a plastic bowl.

She looked around suspiciously, and I watched her moving back as she went to look up the stairs. Now, what was she up t o? The creaking of a door had me glancing back over the railing to where she was, but she was gone, and I just looked over in time to see the door of the cells shut. Now, why would she be going down there? Tempted to ring Darius, I pulled my phone out when I heard the door before watching her sneak back out, only this time she wasn’t holding the bowl. My brows furrowed and I waited for her to leave.

Glancing in both directions, I race down the steps before stopping by the cell door. Making sure she was indeed gone, I opened it and slipped inside. Trudging down the steps, I flick the light on only to hear a screech and hissing. My eyes open wide when I see a phoenix get to its feet and fall forward in the makeshift nest. Letting out a breath, I realize it couldn’t fly.

I glance at the steps leading up. How did she get it down here without it ripping her to pieces? The bloody thing couldn’t fly but looked like it was tempted to attack me as it continued to hiss. I noticed bloody bandages wrapping its body, and my mind went to Aleera’s words last night.

“I wasn’t running,” she said, and I chewed my lip, wondering i f she was telling the truth. Darius came out before I could get her to answer again. But then why would she be trying to open the door. Darius said he caught her tampering with the wards. With one last glance, I rushed back upstairs, wanting away from the creepy-ass bird. I hated Pheonix’s bloody vicious bastards.

Tugging my phone back out, I went to call Darius to let him know when I stopped. He would kill it; I had no doubt that he would. He hated them, his father was a right prick, and when h e was a boy, his father used to lock him in cages with the damn things and let them attack him. Why he idolized that man was beyond me.

Though he was a good father as long as he did as he was told, his punishments were just cruel and uncalled for. I would never understand how he idolized his father the way he did. Darius always thought he was a great father when I could think of plenty of things his father had done that was either just cruel or outright wrong. I put my phone away and glanced at the door.

I could set it free, but someone else would kill it, and I also had the issue of it trying to attack me if I grabbed it. I pondered what to do when I decided to open up this chat thing Kalen had with Aleera.

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