Tasting Darkness By Jessica Hall Chapter 49

Read Tasting Darkness By Jessica Hall Chapter 49 – I gag at the crunching sounds Ryze makes, which suddenly has me feeling sick. “You want to keep him. You got to feed him properly, they are carnivorous birds Aleera,” I nod, but I don’t think I could force a mouse to die after seeing how viciously he killed it. Tobias tries to pass me one, and I shake my head, feeling my stomach grow queasy.

“How do you expect to look after him if you won’t feed him?” “You couldn’t bring dead ones,” I asked and Tobias looked down at the cage, not watching his hand, and Ryze struck again, plucking the squeaking mouse. “Fucker,” Tobias hissed, sucking his fingers where Ryze got him. Tobias sits on the ground next to his mouse cage and pulls another one out.

“So if you weren’t trying to escape, why were you touching the wards?” he says, this time chucking a mouse to Ryze, who swallows it whole.

“His wing is broken; I wanted to try siphon some of the power from the ward to heal it,” I explain.

“So you weren’t going to try use against us or use it to escape,”

“No, I wanted to heal him so I could let him go, I didn’t want him trapped here.”

“You aren’t letting the bird go, Aleera,” Tobias said, staring at him.

“I have no choice, you said yourself Darius will kill him,”

“Good luck because the way he is with you, he has bonded to you, you can try, but he will keep coming back,” Tobias said, and I looked down at him.

“And you just saved him, and he got used to you?” I nod, and h e sighs. “So peculiar,” He mutters, shaking his head before tossing him another mouse. Tobias chews his lip thoughtfully.

“If given a chance, would you escape?” Tobias asked me. “You know I would, so why ask questions you already know?”

“Maybe because I hope your answer would change Aleera,” Tobias says.

“It’s okay, I won’t tell them you have him here, but you will have to figure out something. Maybe the basement might be better, there is a hole in the roof, and he can get out and fly around when he wants. You can’t keep him locked down here,” Tobias says. “And how would I get him up there?”

“I could portal you up, but tell me something else first,” I nod, wondering what else he wanted to know. –

“Did Darius force himself on you?” I look away, and he curses before shocking me with his next question. “Are you okay?” my head whipped toward him, and he seemed genuine. I raise m y eyebrows at him.

“I mean with what he did, Aleera, I don’t mean in general,” I nod, my face heating with embarrassment.

“Are you embarrassed because he did it or because he made you come?” Why would he ask that? He puts his hand up in mock surrender. “Just a question, I could smell how aroused you were?”

“Both,” I mumble.

“I’m sorry for defending him; I thought you tried to run and was mad,”

“Is that why you are helping me?” I asked him.

“No, I hate Pheonix’s, but when I found him down here, I was going to tell Darius, but I knew he would kill him. Just because I hate something doesn’t mean I believe it should be killed,”

“But torture is alright? Yeah, and abuse?” I scoffed. Tobias observes me for a few seconds and hangs his head. “I don’t hate you, I used to, but after seeing you with Kalen, I realize w e need you,” Tobias says.

“But not enough to stop Darius,” I ask. He sighs,

“he is our mate; it will get better. You just have to earn his trust, Aleera,” tears well in my eyes, and I look down at Ryze.

“If you hold him and don’t let him bite me, I will give you some magic to heal him,” Tobias says, and I gasp, shocked.

“You will give me magic?” Tobias nods, staring at Ryze.

“Just enough to heal him, but there is a catch.”


“Take it, kiss me,” I shake my head, not falling for this shit again.

“Forget it,” I tell him.

“Wow, rejected pretty fast,” Tobias laughs and I glare at him.

“I have already fucking had Darius tear into my bond by telling me to kiss him and then laughing in my face; I don’t need it from you,”

“He toyed with your bond?” Tobias asked, not seeming to like that. I nod, remembering how painful that was and degrading.

“I don’t want to toy with your bond, Aleera. Just want a kiss, that is all,”


“Because all day I have been fucking horny from drinking your blood and I need something, since none of my mates will touch me, your blood plays havoc with my bond to you. Just come satisfy it for a second until one of them can help me out,

“I chewed my lip, remembering Lycus saying Tobias got horny from drinking my blood.

“Just a kiss?”

“Just a kiss,” Tobias repeats. “Then you can heal your plucked dodo-looking phoenix,” Tobias says. I glanced down at Ryze, who watched me back like he had been listening to our conversation.

“Just one?” I asked. If it meant helping Ryze, I would do it.

“One, but I want a proper one,” he laughs.

“A proper one?”

“Using tongue,” Tobias said, winking at me.

“Wouldn’t they be pissed off?” I asked him, and he shrugged.

“Kalen wouldn’t care, the other two,” He shrugged. “Well, they should have sucked my dick this morning. Neither did, so I will take my vices anyway I can get them,” Tobias said.

“I am not sucking dick,” I tell him.

“Never said you have to, just a kiss, so put your demonic pigeon down and come here,” Tobias said, opening his arms. ‘

“I don’t trust you, and if you were so horny, why not just have a wank?”

“Doesn’t work like that; I have drank your blood, it makes me crave magic, and since you have none and only they do, I have to take it from them. But you can make the ache hurt less since your blood caused it by letting my bond have what it wants.”

“Your bond wants me to kiss you?” I asked. It sounded ridiculous.

“My bond wants me to fuck you, but I know you won’t give me that, so it will have to settle for a kiss, so come here,” Tobias said. “And that is all?” I ask again, not trusting him, and he nods. I look at Ryze before placing him in his nest I made and hesitantly got to my feet. Tobias looked up at me from where h e sat, not moving, and I stopped in front of him.

Deja-Vu washed over me with Darius, and my stomach sank as the bond became excited again. Only this time, Tobias gripped my wrist and yanked me on his lap. Ryze hissed loudly behind me and screeched.

“Quiet bird, I won’t hurt her,” Tobias snapped as I straddled his waist. I swallowed, and Tobias rolled his eyes before gripping the back of my neck and pulling me closer. His lips were warm and soft as he kissed me when I felt his tongue trace across my bottom, Tobias groaned and his other arm wrapped around my waist, tugging me flush against him, which made me gasp.

Tobias took advantage of my parted lips and delved his tongue into my mouth. His groan was lewd as his tongue played with mine, wanting me to kiss him back. The bond answered his kiss longingly, and I kissed him back hungrily. His tongue tasted every inch of my mouth when he pulled me closer, deepening the kiss, which made my stomach tighten as arousal coiled within me when he pulled away.

“Like I don’t mind if you want to keep kissing me, but you are supposed to be taking my magic,” Tobias laughed. My cheeks heated, having completely forgotten as I was too busy enjoying the kiss. Tobias smirked and raised an eyebrow at me when I kissed him again. He groaned, kissing me back, and I moved my hand to his neck, feeling his pulse under my palm and his energy before stealing some of it when I kissed him deeper.

Pulling away, I gasped at the feel of his magic writhing within me, cold and sweet. I shivered when I felt his hands slide up m y thighs to my hips, and I thought he was going to demand something more, but instead, he lifted me off him.

“Heal your Pheonix, then I will help you get him to the basement,” Tobias says. “And don’t let him bite me,”

“And you won’t tell Darius?”

“Be our little secret,” Tobias says, and I turn back to Ryze, excited that I could heal him.

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