Tasting Darkness By Jessica Hall Chapter 50

Read Tasting Darkness By Jessica Hall Chapter 50 – Every night, I had spent the night in their room, unable to return to mine. Darius still believed wholeheartedly that I was trying to escape. I wasn‘t willing to tell him different for the sake of Ryze, who now lived in the attic. Tobias was right, however, because, even healed, he never left. I noticed, though, with each passing day when Tobias would sneak me u p to see him and feed him, that he grew larger, which was concerning because soon he would not fit through the hole in the roof.

I still couldn’t bring myself to feed him the mice; I tried to give frozen ones, even thawed out ones, but he liked them live. So I was thankful that Tobias had no such issues sacrificing the mice for me. Ryze even let him pat him. He nearly lost a finger, and Ryze only tolerated his touch for a few seconds before snapping at him. Tobias was thrilled that he had touched a live Pheonix like it was some sort of acceptance, and he was suddenly a Pheonix whisperer. ”

Tobias opened a portal back to the room, and the moment I stepped through it, Darius was waiting, his arms folded across his chest. His temper had gotten worse over the last few days. The more time Tobias and Kalen spent with me, the more furious he seemed to get.”

“Where have you both been?” he demanded, and Tobias quickly closed the portal behind us before he could see into the dark attic.

“The library,” I lied.

“I checked the library,” Darius said, and I knew we would have to come up with a better place.

“Must have just missed us then,” Tobias shrugged before pulling a book from his pocket. He tossed it to Kalen, who caught it and smiled. I had no idea when Tobias got time to grab it unless he got it before he went up, but it seemed to placate Darius for now. He muttered under his breath before storming out.

Kalen looked the cover over before flipping it and reading the back. I realized Kalen spent most of his time reading because Darius had pulled him from the classes he taught, so I couldn‘t spend more time than necessary with him. Moving toward the couch, I sat next to him when Lycus came over and rolled his eyes before walking off.

“I‘m going for a run,” Lycus growled, also leaving. Tobias sighed before sitting at my feet on the floor. “They‘re just jealous,” Tobias said, resting his head on my knees.

“Of what?” I asked incredulously. What could they possibly have to be jealous about? They weren‘t a prisoner?

“That Tobias and I don‘t hate you and we spend more time with you then them?” Kalen said while opening the book. I sighed.

“And why do they hate me, exactly?” Neither answer, and I know it was to do with Darius, forbidding them from telling me“Okay then, why did you hate me?” I ask Tobias. He shifts uncomfortably, leaning forward before also getting up and leaving. Was I a repellent? What was up with them all today? Tobias had been fine all week, and I asked one question, and h e too stormed off and into the bathroom.

“Well, can you tell me?” I asked Kalen and he sighs. “Nope, because unless Darius agrees for you to know, we are bound by his stupid bond,” Kalen growls.

“Huh?” first I heard of them being sworn to secrecy.

“He has been our replacement keeper for years. We are bonded to him most, even Lycus and I,”

“I still don‘t understand?” I tell him.

“Keeper is the glue; Darius is our glue. We draw off him the most, for our bond to him is stronger. He controls the bonds, therefore, controls us in a sense, like a blood tie, or another way to put it is, we can‘t betray him even if we wanted to,”

“So you have no say at all?” I ask, wondering how that works.

“We do, but only when powerful emotion is behind it can we overpower it, like the few times we have gone against him,”

“What do you mean?”

“Lycus guilt, when he healed you. Tobias giving you magic the other day,” I looked at him wondering how he knew.

“Don‘t tell me, in case you haven‘t noticed, I am the weakest link. If Darius asks, I will tell him why, I won‘t be able to lie to him. Therefore, some things are best for me not knowing,” Kalen tells me, and I nod. I would have to remember that.

“Wait, how did you know?” I asked.

“Your aura changed. It glowed, for a few hours, like you were recharged,”

“And now?” he glances at me.

“Same as ours, though fainter, since you have no magic,” I nodded, relieved.

“What can you tell me, then?”

“Ask, and we will find out, see what I can say,” Kalen tells me. I thought for a second, choosing my questions.

“Why does Lycus hate me?”

“He doesn‘t; he just hates what you did to me,”

“What did I do to you?”

“Can‘t answer, but you already know,” he says, and I nod, saving that for later to ponder.

“What about Darius?” He opens his mouth before humming,” interesting, that is one I think I can speak about.”

“He killed his father for you, for all of us,”

“Can you elaborate more?”

“Ah,” he tries to speak when his mouth shuts. “I guess that is all I may say on that one,” Kalen says.

“Fine, um, Tobias then?” I ask slightly annoyed.

“His brother, and again all I can say,” he says, frustrated.

“Was that the man in the picture I saw on the bedside table?”

“Yes, it was his twin,”


“He is dead now,”

“Let me guess because of me?” Kalen‘s brows furrow, but he says nothing else.

“Okay, well, can you tell me why everyone calls me a traitor?”

“Because of conspiracy theories surrounding the plague,”

“Excuse me?”

“I can‘t; that is all you get,” Kalen growled, resting his head back on the couch. “This is so stupid, believe me, if I could, I would tell you everything,”

“I know,” I tell him, gripping his knee.

“Okay, your turn. How about you answer some of my questions?” Kalen asks, and I chew my lip.

“Might help get you some answers,” Kalen says.

“You‘re going to see if I can answer my own questions?” I ask, and he nods. I shrug. What could it hurt if it means learning more about them? Why not? The door opened, and I almost sighed when Darius entered the room, knowing how strange game would be over.

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