Tasting Darkness By Jessica Hall Chapter 53

Read Tasting Darkness By Jessica Hall Chapter 53 – The bond flared, wanting to go to them. I wouldn’t have the slightest idea what the heck my part would be in their orgy or what to with them. I needed escape before I embarrassed myself or Darius toyed with my bond and made me do something that would probably destroy any sense of hope I had left. “Come here,” Darius said, and I shook my head. “Leave her be, Darius,” Kalen whispered. “Just shut up and suck my cock,” Darius snapped at him, and Kalen whimpered. Almost agonized, though, the sound was more like a moan.

“Aleera,” Darius purred, and I fisted my hands and gritted my teeth. Why does he have to fuck with my stupid bond? He would know this causes me pain. With a glare plastered on my face, I turned, and the noise that left me when I spotted them was embarrassing. Lycus kneeled behind Kalen before gripping his hips and pulling them air while Kalen wrapped his lips around Darius’ cock. Darius smirked like he knew exactly the effect this was having on the bond. My feet moved, and I only just grabbed the dresser by the door to stop myself from climbing on the bed and begging Darius for his power.

“Everything alright, Aleera?” Darius asked, and my nails ached from clutching the dresser.

“Fuck!” Darius groaned, and my eyes moved to the bed to find Darius’ hand fisting Kalen’s hair while he bobbed away.

“Darius, please,” I begged, my speech more like a damn pant a s arousal flooded me; I needed to get out of here. He growled but flicked his hand toward the door, and I heard it unlock. Darius wasn’t even looking in my direction, too busy, lost in the euphoria of what Kalen was doing to him.

Turning, I ripped open the door and dashed into the hall, slamming the door shut behind me. The strange fog from his magic lifted, and I clutched my knees to catch my breath. “Are you okay?” Tobias asked, touching my shoulder.

I hadn’t even heard him come into the hall, but when I looked up, he stood in front of me. Tobias’ eyes flickered, and I knew I was flushed, the stupid bond overriding my brain again. Tobias took a step toward me before shaking himself, and his eyes went to the door I had just come out of.

“I need to go to breakfast,” I tell him, rushing past him even though the bond was trying to pull me back to the room.


My bond played havoc all day; the cramping in my stomach worsened, their energy regenerated only made it worse in their presence during class, and I felt sick. Darius was smug in every class I had with him. He knew it was torture for me. I would not give him the satisfaction of me begging him, and I know that’s what Darius wanted. No doubt he would be one of those that enjoyed another’s discomfort; hell, he enjoyed mine. Though as the day dragged on, something was amiss, m y entire body was yearning, and since seeing them morning, it had only gotten worse.

Going to the bathroom to change into my gym clothes, I rushed into a stall and locked the door. We had the obstacle course again this afternoon. Taking my clothes off, I removed my pants and gasped.

Fuck! The shredding, I had forgotten entirely about the shredding as I looked down at my panties. I was spotting which wasn’t a good sign. Being the only girl here, I had completely forgotten about it and the fact I had never actually gone through it in the 6 years, careful to always make sure I had my herbs that prevented it.

Horror washed over me. Keeper woman went through a faze, shredding every 6 months, where we shredded all our power in a day. It was like what humans would call a period only vastly different, seeing as Fae don’t menstruate, though we have our own version of shredding, and it only happened to keeper women. We would bleed for a day and then the next three days we power-shred.

There was just one issue, I had no power to shred, and I knew i t wasn’t obtainable, nor could I afford for myself to go through it. Shredding is when most bond power is shared, during a shredding, you could power your mates with enough power to last until the next one, only making them more powerful, while I would be at my most vulnerable.

Yanking my pants up, I knew I had roughly a week to find some devil’s bane. I needed the damn root. It would stop it, yet if I asked for that around here, it would get me some curious questions seeing as it was poisonous to demons, And Darius finding out could be lethal.

Debating whether to ask Tobias or Kalen for it before shoving that idea away, they would want to know why I tried to stop it. There was no way Darius would give me power or allow the others to provide me with energy. While shredding, keepers are at their most potent, our magic at its strongest though also at our weakest because we would literally be throwing off power to our mates. I could not even imagine that horror had I had power.

That explained the agony I had been in this morning, though shredding itself lasted a day. I knew that because I had been holding mine off for 6 years, I could not afford to lose my power without anything to replenish it. So I knew this would b e hell. One, because I had no power to shred, two, because they may find out what I am if I did. I had never gone through it to know if I could even mask my white Fae side.

The sun beat down on my skin as I stepped outside. The sun was blistering, and I looked around the acreage of this place surrounded by forest, and I knew there would be devil-bane in that forest. It was just a matter of finding it. Chewing my lip, I walked out going to the obstacle course; I internally groaned when I saw Darius was taking over Tobias’s class today. He made me run track. As the sun started going down, the whistle blew, and he called everyone inside as a storm was fast approaching. I sighed, excited to rest as I watched everyone head in.

Zac walked over to Darius, talking as they walked back toward the castle like good friends and I glared in their direction. Giving the forest a longing look, I turned to head in when I noticed Darius was gone, along with Zac. What I would give to be able to move so quickly, mist where I wanted. But no, I had t o walk.

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