Tasting Darkness By Jessica Hall Chapter 54

Read Tasting Darkness By Jessica Hall Chapter 54 – The next day was no better. Only now I knew it was approaching, I had to think of away to sneak into the forest. Darius seemed hellbent on torturing me, which wasn’t helping. Once again, I woke to them fucking. I had grabbed a sandwich for lunch today and walked outside needing some air. Lycus threat seemed to be working as long as I had food in my hand, no one came near me, and I was free to roam.

Sitting on the bench outside in the warm sun, I stared at the forest before peeking around. Everyone was distracted eating lunch, and no doubt my mates would all be eating together. They always did in the room while I was stuck in the mess hall. Getting up, I was about to head inside when I realized this was my chance. I had an hour before lunch finished, and I could be i n and back before they noticed, glancing at the roof I wished I could get Ryze to get it for me but it was also poisonous to him. Poisonous to everyone more so, Demons it was lethal. The root is what I needed and I hoped I had time to dry it out.

I beeline for the forest by giving a quick glance at the castle doors and seeing no one. Continuing on until the trees covered me. Catching my breath, I hunted for this damn plant. Searching beneath all the trees and brushing back ferns. Scouring the ground for any sign of this purple and pink budded plant. Climbing the small hill I moved further through the forest. I had no idea how long I had been out here scouring, becoming obsessed with the damn task. Just on the crest of a slight incline among the trees, I saw it.

Excitement bubbled up in me, and I clambered, slipping as I climbed the steep incline. I went t o wrap my hands around the stalk when someone grabbed the back of my shirt, sending me flying

My back arched as I smashed into the dirt next to the tree I was just tossed against. I groaned, back arched as I rubbed the spot. The air knocked from my lungs when I heard a thunderous growl, and my eyes opened. In a daze, I saw Darius reaching for me, and I lurched to my feet out of pure adrenaline.

“I fucking warned you about trying to escape,” he bellowed as I clambered up the incline, trying to get to the plant. Fuck it, he looked livid; I would have to show him. His wrath couldn’t be worse than it is now, I thought trying to grab the damn plant.

“No, the plant,” I blurted when he grabbed my ankles, ripping me back down, my head bounced off the ground and the rock I smashed it on making me see black for a few seconds. I clawed at the earth, screaming as I tried to get to the devil’s bane.

“No, listen, I need the devil’s bane, just the root,” I screamed, as he dragged me back toward him. Only realizing how bad that sounded after I said it. Admitting to needing something so poisonous to demons, it could kill them.

“Darius!” I screamed as he flipped me by my hips onto my back. My hand whipped out and slapped him hard across the face. He seemed shocked; I kicked away from him, scrambling up

the incline. I felt his hand in my hair only seconds later. “The shre-” 1

“Enough, shut up. I am done with your lies,” he snarled, jerking me back by my hair. I clutched his hands and tried to explain, but my lips wouldn’t open. Spelled shut the moment h e told me to shut up. Tears trekked down my face as he dragged me kicking and screaming from the forest before I felt his magic erupt as he opened a portal.

I felt the feel of the suction before I found myself in my old room. Darius tossed me on the bed by my hair, and I felt the strands rip free painfully from my scalp. My scream was mute, I felt i t vibrate out of me, but no sound left my lips. I nearly rolled off the bed, and the door burst open as Tobias and Kalen stepped in.

“Get out, you don’t go near her, you don’t fucking look at her, you don’t speak to her,” Darius roared as he turned, glaring at Kalen, who stared in horror at what he was witnessing. Blood trickled down the side of my head, and I touched my fingers to it, wondering what I had hit ito

“What happened? What did she do?” Tobias asked while Kalen was forced out of the room by Darius’ command.

“She tried to escape,” Darius sneered, and I shook my head and tried to explain; the words never left me. Darius had taken my ability to talk.

“She wouldn’t,” Tobias defended me.

“She was nearly on the fucking road,” Darius snarled. Road? I was near the road. I was sure I hadn’t wandered that far in, but I wasn’t paying much attention.

“Aleera?” I shook my head and tried to tell Tobias I wasn’t, trying to explain, knowing he could tell I was speaking the truth.

“Let her speak,” Tobias snapped at him.

“She was by the fucking road, Tobias. What else would she be doing so far out? You can tell if I am lying, and I don’t fucking lie,” Darius snarls at him, and Tobias watches him before his eyes fall on me.

“Why? Everything was going fine, Aleera,” Tobias snapped and stormed out, leaving me with Darius.

“You always ruin everything,” Darius snarls walking toward me and I flinched away from his burning rage but he grabbed the front of my shirt and jerked me forward before fishing my tablet from the back of my pants held by my belt. I reached for it but he pulled it away. 2

Tears trailed down my cheeks as he stripped me of everything, only leaving me with a sheet and my bra and undies, he took my tablet, my freedom and my voice. He took everything.

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