Tasting Darkness By Jessica Hall Chapter 59

Read Tasting Darkness By Jessica Hall Chapter 59 – I looked at the open window and swept the glass off before placing him on it. His talons dug into the wood, and the glass crunched under his weight. He didn’t fly off. I was hoping he would, but he remained. Tobias cursed under his breath, and I looked to Lycus and Kalen, but Kalen had a strange look on his face like he was dazed. “Kalen won’t come to your aid, Aleera; he can’t. He can speak, but he won’t help.” Tears brimmed in Kalen’s eyes, and that explained why he kind of just moved around wherever Lycus pulled him. Making me wonder what happened to him after the mess hall incident.

“Come here,” Darius said, and I rubbed my arms against the draft, trying to cover my exposed skin. I hesitantly moved toward Darius, who smirked. “You said anything,” he chuckled darkly, and my stomach dropped, wondering what he wanted me to do. My eyes roamed over his scratched-up torso. He only had on shorts, and I nervously looked at Tobias, who couldn’t even meet my gaze. I gulped, and Ryze shrieked and stared at me. “You carry on, and that thing attacks,” Darius said, and I nodded. I stopped in front of him, and Lycus looked away. Kalen dropped his head i n his hands. “Shut it, Kalen,” Darius snapped at him, which only made me more nervous when I saw Kalen’s shoulder shake as if he was crying. What the fuck have I just agreed to?

“Wasn’t earlier fucking punishment enough, Darius?” Lycus snarled.

“I told you earlier I had nothing to do with that,” Darius snapped at him. It became clear why Kalen was silent. They must have argued with Darius over the incident in the mess hall. Darius had warned him away again, because the look on his face was helplessness.

“On your knees,” Darius said, and I looked at him. “What?” I blurted in shock.

“You want your bird to live, get on your knees,” he said, slowly, and he pointed at his feet and I looked down before noticing his raging hard-on. I gasped and took a step back. Darius raised his hand and pointed at Ryze.

No matter what he forced me to endure, it was never enough. Tears brimmed in my eyes, and I knew what he wanted, and it sickened me he would ask for that after earlier. Wasn’t that enough humiliation for one day? 1

A sob left my lips as I dropped to my knees in front of him. Ryze shrieked, and I looked over at him, trying to shush him. He cawed before tucking his head under his wing and I let out a breath before looking up at Darius. 1

“Suck it,” Darius said, looking down at me. I pressed my lips in a line, and I couldn’t help the tears that spilled over, but I remained quiet because I knew if I made a noise, Ryze would attack him. I swallowed and looked at him, horrified, and he raised an eyebrow at me. “Darius? ” Lycus hissed at him, and Darius growled.

“What will it be, Aleera?” Darius asked, and I held back a whimper. My hands shook terribly as I reached for his shorts. My cheeks heated as embarrassment washed over me as I gripped the waistband of his shorts.

“Darius!” Tobias snapped as my tears dripped off my chin and onto my knees. “No teeth,” Darius mocked me. 3

I tugged his shorts down to his thighs before dropping my gaze, trying to will myself to put his thing in my mouth. I could barely see through my tears as I looked back at him. There was n o denying that he was huge.

“Haven’t got all day, Aleera,” he said, leaning down and grabbing my hand. I whimpered when he forced my hand to grab his cock. 1

“What’s wrong with you? Hurry up. Don’t make out you haven’t done it before; I know what a fucking whore you are,” he snarled, and I shook my head, and he growled, making me flinch. 3

“Three seconds or bye-bye, birdie,” Darius taunted when I heard a thump, making me jump and look in Tobias’s direction to see his fist through the wall. He hissed, yanking it out, and I noticed Ryze watching him before he fluffed out his feather and tucked his head again, only this time peering into the room like an owl watching. Darius thrust into my hand. I nearly let g o at the feel, only he grabbed my hand before I could.

“Choose, Aleera,” Darius snapped at me. I’m doing it for Ryze; I had to do this, I reminded myself even though I didn’t have the slightest clue as to what to do besides putting it in my mouth. My gaze went back to his cock and I nearly gagged just at looking at the size of it. I swallowed before leaning forward on my knees and opening my mouth. Cringing at what I about to do.

“She’s a fucking virgin, you fucking prick,” Kalen snapped and blurted out, and I froze.

“Yeah, right, she is 24, for fuck’s sake?” Darius laughed, and I looked up at him.

“Darius, I swear to you she is. She giggled like a fucking school girl when she saw my dick; she wouldn’t make that up,” Kalen said, and I dropped my eyes to the floor, my cheeks flaming hot. Darius gripped my chin, forcing me to look up at him. He tilted his head to the side.

“Is he lying? Are you a virgin, Aleera?” My cheeks burned even hotter all down my neck and m y chest became hot as well. I nodded, and he looked at Tobias while keeping his grip on my chin.

“Say it, I swear if you’re lying, Aleera,” Darius didn’t finish, but the warning was clear.

“Ask her, and remember, I can tell if you are lying, Tobias; you can’t lie for shit,” Darius told him. Darius turned his gaze back to me.

“Are you a virgin?” Darius asked.

“Yes,” I blurted, closing my eyes, feeling humiliated.

“She is telling the truth, Darius,” Tobias said, and Darius jerked away from me, his cock slipping out of my hand. My eyes opened to see Darius had pulled his pants up and was looking at me, horrified. 1

“But you’ve done things with guys before?” he demanded to know. I could feel all their eyes o n me. Every single one of them had their attention on me.

“No, I never even kissed anyone until I kissed Kalen if you call that a kiss,” I tell him, remembering the night I took his darkness.

“Wait, I was your first kiss, like an actual kiss?” Darius asked, though he sounded appalled. I looked up at him and nodded.

“And when I,” He gulped and Kalen snarled.

“When you fucking what, Darius?” Kalen snarled, and Lycus growled loudly, glaring at Darius. 2

“I didn’t think she was fucking virgin, or I wouldn’t have,” Darius said, and he pinched the bridge of his nose and puffed out his cheeks while shaking his head. 2

“Please tell me that wasn’t the first time anyone fingered you,” Darius mumbled, and Kalen jumped up furious, and I dropped my gaze, mortified that he just said that out loud. Lycus grabbed Kalen, pulling him down.

“You fucking jerk,” Kalen spat and his entire body trembled as Lycus wrapped his arms around Kalen tightly.

“I have done nothing with anyone. I was saving myself for my fucking mate until I found it was you lot,” I breathed while covering my face with my hands. 2

“You saved yourself,” Tobias and Lycus asked simultaneously, clearly shocked by my words. I nodded.

“I have done nothing besides kissing Kalen, and Darius kissed me and did what he did,” I mumbled out that last part. “And I kissed Tobias,” I said, hoping they would stop their

embarrassing line of questioning.

“Wait, you have all kissed her?” Lycus asked, and I looked at him as he looked between the three of them. “Well, nice for someone to fucking tell me,” Lycus snapped before sitting on the edge of the bed and folding his arms across his chest. It almost looked like he was pouting. 1

“To be fair, I wasn’t really with it when she kissed me,” Kalen told him, nudging him. Darius ran both hands through his hair and breathed out loudly. “Get up,” he said, and I got to my feet, trying to cover myself. I looked at Ryze, and Darius followed my gaze and sighed.

“Just sleep in the bed with us. No one will touch you,” Darius said.

“Darius?” Tobias said, shaking his head. 1

“I said no one will touch her; she wants to keep her bloody… Ryze, she sleeps in the bed,” he

says before worrying his lip between his teeth. I nodded as long as I didn’t have to suck anyone’s cock; I could live with that.

“Can I have a shirt, please?” I asked, and Darius’s eyes ran the length of me, and he motioned toward their cupboard. I rushed in and grabbed a shirt before grabbing an extra for Ryze. When I turned around, Darius stood in the doorway. I took a step back from him and tugged the shirt on, not liking how his eyes lingered on my breasts. When he didn’t move, I went to step past him, but he grabbed my arm. 2

“I… I wouldn’t… if I had known, I wouldn’t have done it… 1..” He stops, and he looks away before nodding and letting me go. I was pretty sure that was his version of an apology. He stared at me, and I could see the guilt on his face. He let out a breath before stepping aside so I could pass him. I rushed past him, going to the couch and making a mini nest out of Kalen’s shirt. 1

I whistled, and Ryze flew over before burrowing down in it. Darius stared before shaking his head like he couldn’t believe I was touching it like it was a puppy and not something that could tear us apart. Turning around, Darius wiped the blood off his chest with a wet cloth Tobias handed him, and I stared at the bed, wondering where I was supposed to lie.

“Lay where you want,” Darius said, climbing into bed. I looked to Kalen, who patted the spot between him and Lycus. Darius was on his other side, and I figured I was safest with him and Lycus. So I crawled in between them. Kalen tugged the blanket up, and Lycus lay stiffly beside me like he was afraid of touching me. Only to be squished against me when Tobias climbed in beside him. I sat up, trying to get comfortable, and Kalen wrapped his arm around my waist, tugging me closer while Lycus rolled on his back and placed his arm under the pillow I was using.

“I won’t do anything; I can keep my hands to myself,” Lycus growled. “And apparently my lips,’ he added, earning a growl from Tobias. I laid down, tucked between Lycus and Kalen. Lycus tossed his arm over me and onto Kalen, and I sank down between them, enjoying their warmth and relieved my Pheonix was alright.

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