Tasting Darkness By Jessica Hall Chapter 65

Read Tasting Darkness By Jessica Hall Chapter 65 – Rushing through the doors, I could see Ryze perched in a tree, and two men stood below it trying to hit him with a fireball. I gasped in horror and went running over to stop them when Tobias came up behind me. “You touch that fucking bird, and it will be the last thing you ever do,” Tobias yelled to them. and they both stopped and looked over their shoulders at him. Tobias looked furious, and Darius wandered out. “But it’s a phoenix,” one said.

“That bird is off-limits, now go,” Darius snapped, coming up behind me while I raced over to the tree and looked up to see not only one but another higher up. It looked older, and I was surprised they didn’t notice it amongst the orange – red leaves of the tree as it tried to blend in Darius talked to the men, and Ryze flew down before Darius yelled out to me.

“Aleera, no!” he said, making me look over at him. Ryze dropped onto my shoulder, his weight knocking me forward onto my knees. My eyes went to my mates, who were all frozen. Ryze rubbed his head and beak onto the back of my head, checking to see if I was alright when suddenly the tree came to life.

What I thought were leaves were actually feathers when around 10 huge phoenix’s suddenly dropped on the ground around me. Towering over me, and these weren’t juvenile ones, they had the power to rip me to shreds and tear me apart if they chose to. Everyone froze as the birds surrounded me, and even I shook terrified when I saw all four of my mate’s hands begin t o glow. My eyes widened when I saw they were about to attack the birds. Horror washed over m e at the danger I was in but also fear for these beautiful creatures.

Ryze playing with my hair squawked, and the birds backed up a little; I threw my hand up.” Stop!” I screamed to Darius as he went to blast them with magic. My heart beat like a drum in my ears, pounding loudly as I moved slowly.

“They won’t hurt me,” I called to them before slowly standing up, so I didn’t spook the birds and make them attack me. I hoped what I said was true because I could see their curious gazes watching me. Phoenix’s were lethal birds, and even standing one was nearly taller than me. The recruits that watched grew closer, and I could see the hunger on their faces to rip the birds apart and absorb their power.

“Don’t let them hurt them,” I murmured, watching the recruits grow nearer, and Darius glanced around, also noticing we had drawn a crowd. One of the Pheonix’s turned its head, observing Ryze perched on my shoulder, his feathery tail wrapping around my body like a snake, and Ryze hissed at them.

I scratched his tummy feathers, and my breathing became ragged when one hopped closer, and Lycus moved when Kalén’s head tilted to the side, observing me. His hand smacked into Lycus’s chest. My hand shook as I held it out toward the phoenix, and the other ones drew.

The Pheonix tongue flicked out. I felt a folt sliver up my arm making me jerk my hand back to realize it gave me power, a small jolt of its energy. My eyes widened, and I had never seen so many phoenixes in one place before when Kalen gasped. I could feel the bird’s magic writhe through me and mingle with my white magic.

“They won’t hurt her,” Kalen murmured, his head tilting from one side to the other. Darius, Tobias, and Lycus looked at him as if he was insane. While my heart pounded, wondering what he saw when the Pheonix power exchanged with me. I swallowed, hoping he wouldn’t out met o the rest of our mates who didn’t notice the small exchange, but Kalen, I knew, would have seen it in my aura.

“Call them off, Darius,” Kalen said, looking over at him.

“They will rip her to shreds,” Darius hissed at them.

“I said call them off. I don’t ask for much, Darius, but you will do this for me, for her. Call them off and tell them to leave her birds alone, ” Kalen growled, glaring at him.

“She can’t keep them all,” Darius hissed. Lycus paled as he too looked questionably at Kalen, who wasn’t giving anything away.

“That isn’t up to you. It’s up to them. Now call your recruits off,” Kalen repeated, and I had never seen him look so determined.

“Take them to the roof,” I whispered to Ryze, who screeched at the other phoenix. The other Pheonix’s all watched him, and some drew nearer trying to touch me, their feathers bumping against my legs when Ryze flew off my shoulder, and they took flight after him.

The demons went crazy, and power was suddenly hurled their way as they took to the air. I screamed when suddenly Tobias and Darius moved as if in sync and raised their hands. The fireballs smash into a shield beneath the birds.

“No one touches them,” Roared Darius furiously at them. The demons stopped looking at him questionably.

“Anyone who does will suffer the same fate you bestow on those Phoenixes, are we clear?” Darius warned. I swallowed and looked toward the roof where the Pheonix’s perched, watching us. Kalen rushed toward me, wrapping his arms around me and tugging me closer. H e let out a breath, and I watched the demons scatter away from Darius’s furious anger.

“Thank you,” I murmured to Kalen. Lycus turned to make his way over to us when Kalen whispered to me. “I know what you are,” he said, barely audible.I gasped, looking at him over my shoulder. Kalen pressed his head against mine and kissed my cheek.

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