Tasting Darkness By Jessica Hall Chapter 70

Read Tasting Darkness By Jessica Hall Chapter 70 – “Bloody bird, she is fine,” I tell him, and he flies over to perch on the bed head. He leans down, looking at her and licking her cheek, caressing it with his beak while Lycus remains frozen, only for Ryze to lick his temple. I snicker when he pales. “Having a taste test for when he plucks those eyes of yours out,” Tobias chuckles before whistling to Ryze, who flies over but instead of going to Tobias, he perched on the arm of my chair, looking down at my bleeding wound before looking at Aleera and back at me.

“She is fine; you bite me, I will smack your damn ass,” I tell him while he eyes me with his creepy beady eyes. He then took off out the window. And we all relaxed; that was only momentarily when he came back but with the big fucker that we thought would kill Aleera. My fingertips fizzled as it squeezed through the window and everyone froze to see what it would d

It hopped down on the ledge walking across the carpet like an oversized fucking chicken, its long tail still outside the window when it stopped beside me. Its eyes roamed over me, and Ryze cawed at it, nudging the other Phoenix, who tilted its head to the side. Such intelligent birds, but they scared the crap out of me.

Its beak opened, its long tongue slivered out split at the end. Going in two different directions. I leaned back, wondering what it wanted, and my eyes darted to Tobias. When its tongue suddenly zapped my hand, the buzz of its magic shot up my arm, making me jump. When it spoke. “Welcome,” it said, and I gasped before my side heated. The Phoenix then turned and jumped back out the window, and Ryze jumped up to perch on the armchair. Nudging my side with his beak. Looking down, I find my wound closed, and my mouth falls open.

“Lira,” Ryze tried to speak before sneezing, he was still too immature to pronounce words. I knew they could talk but had never actually witnessed one speak. Then again, I tried to avoid the bloody things too.

“That big bastard spoke right, and?” Lycus pointed to Ryze, and I nodded.

“Now we know why we suddenly have an infestation of Phoenix’s they sense White Fae, they sense their own magic,” I tell him, looking at Aleera passed out still.

Ryze flies over to her, sitting beside her and resting his head and neck on her hip like he was some kind of lap cat wanting cuddles from its mother. “I need to shower,” I groan, getting up and walking to the bathroom. I showered quickly when the sounds of arguing reached my ears.

“Of all the days they want to argue, it has to be now,” I mutter, wrapping a towel around my waist and shoving the door open.

“No, you’re doing it wrong; it has to go the other way,” Lycus says and I noticed Ryze was gone and they were huddled together arguing over something.

“How does it stick, though? It says it will stick, and where are these wing things,’ Tobias says, showing Lycus something on his phone, while Kalen held a pair of Aleera’s panties and Lycus was holding up some of the pads.

“What the fuck are you doing?” I ask, walking over to them.

“She was bleeding through her pants, we tried to wake her,” Kalen said, and I glanced at her. Fuck, probably from using so much of my magic before she shredded. I peer at what they are watching on the phone, some youtube tutorials. “Ah, we have to peel the back thing off,’ Lycus says, turning the pad between his fingers.

“Now what?” he says, and Kalen leans over to peer at the screen. I shake my head, snatching her panties and the pad from Lycus’s hand. “Bloody morons,” I growled before laying it in the underwear and folding the wing things over the sides.

“Ah, you used them before?” Kalen asks, and I raise an eyebrow at him.

“Common sense, fool,” I growl at him.

“Now, how do we put it on her while she is passed out?”

“We could always lay a tarp under her,” Lycus says, and Tobias snickers.

“What, we could then we don’t have to worry about her freaking out if she wakes up while undressing her,” I shake my head before walking over to her removing her jeans. “Get me a cloth,” I tell them, quickly cleaning her and placing panties on her. I tucked the blanket around her, and Tobias climbed under the blanket with her tucking her close. Standing up, Kalen and Lycus were staring at me. “What?” Tobias rolls his eyes.

“Darius cared for his mother for years, stopping staring at him like that,” Tobias snapped at them.

“Granted, my mother wasn’t a keeper, so I never had to deal with her shredding, but the same thing, stop staring at me,” I growled. Kalen shakes his head before climbing in bed beside Tobias. 1

“We know that, it’s just odd seeing you be caring toward her like you had a brain transplant,” Lycus snickers.

“Shut up,” I tell him, going to get changed.

“You think it was the council that time,” Tobias calls out.

“Who else would it be?” I tell him.

“Her parents,” he says.

“We masked her,” I retorted.

“Yes, until she used Lycus’s magic earlier, it would have been like a beacon for some with those particular gifts,” I think over his words. We had been hunting her parents since they tried to kill her; now we knew why they did. Walking out, I stop at the end of the bed.

“We have an entire army; I won’t let them touch her,” I tell him.

“But if she knows they’re alive, what if she goes looking for them?” Tobias says, brushing his hand down her cheek.

“She won’t. We are her mates,” Kalen whispers.

“But after everything?” Lycus murmurs worriedly. I bite the inside of my lip.

“She wasn’t the only one that lost everything, Lycus,” I told him. Although, I now feel even worse after she saved me. She saved me despite everything I had forced her to endure.

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