Tasting Darkness By Jessica Hall Chapter 72

Read Tasting Darkness By Jessica Hall Chapter 72 – “Tobias?” I ask. He shakes his head, snapping himself out of whatever frenzied daze he was in. “Pardon?” he says. I look at the bed that Lycus was climbing out of, and Kalen and Darius lay still sound asleep. I held up my wrist with a sigh, and Tobias shook his head when I felt heat press against my back before feeling fingers swipe my hair to my other shoulder. Lycus kisses my cheek as I looked over my shoulder at him.

“He wants to feed on you,” Lycus growls before his lips trail up my shoulder and neck. My breath hitches as sparks zap and move over my skin. I tilt my head, giving him better access, loving the feel of his lips on my body. The bond urged me to give myself to them and let them do what they wanted with me, and I wanted to do precisely that. Desire coursed through me so viciously it made my legs tremble as Lycus pulled me against him. One hand squeezed my breast while the other sat flat against my abdomen.

“You’re overwhelming her, Lycus,” Darius says, and I blink out of my lust-filled daze to look over at him as he sits up in bed. Darius rubs his eyes while Kalen wiggles closer, placing his head in Darius’ lap and wrapping his arms around Darius’s waist. I watched as Darius ran his fingers through Kalen’s hair, and I suddenly wanted to crawl back into bed to be with them.

“Someone wants to shred,” Lycus whispers, and I look up at him behind me. Lycus smiles seductively, and his eyes turn obsidian as his big hand cups my cheek, tilting my face toward his. I swallow at his closeness when his eyes dart to my lips. He smiles mischievously, leaning his face closer; his breath fans over my lips teasingly, nearly touching but waiting to see if I would pull away. 2

When I closed the distance, his rich cinnamon and smokey scent enticed me, my lips brushing his plump ones, wanting access. The noise that leaves me when his tongue brushes mine sounded needy as I turned in his arms, kissing him hungrily.

He smiles amusedly against my lips as I maul him. My tongue tangled with his and I kissed him deeper. Lycus’ huge hands gripped my thighs, hoisting me up. I wrap my legs around his waist, and my arms go around his neck.

One of his hands slides up my back to my neck as Lycus kisses me harder, dominating my mouth as he tastes every inch, devouring my lips in a soul-destroying kiss. Heat rushed through me, and I gasped, pulling away from him breathlessly. Lycus smiles smugly, and his eyes flicker. He gave me some of his magic, just a taste, and I wanted more. His magic writhed through me, tickling my insides.

Amoan escaped me, my eyes falling shut when warmth seeps into my back, stopping me from falling backward at the sensation rolling through me. It slivered in my veins; it felt empowering though it flickered and tried to mingle with my white magic, making me bite my lips as I fought the urge to let it meld together but oh how I wanted it too.

Yet fear of the unknown kept me level-headed. I wasn’t sure what I could do, and some part of

that scared me after hiding it for so long. Then last night’s thought returned. Were they only using me because they now knew what I was, and I knew the only one that would get hurt if they were the case was me? My thoughts became troubled when I felt fangs pierce my neck, and power flooded into me like a tidal wave, cold and powerful, and my eyes fluttered shut and my toes curled.

“Don’t fight it,” Lycus murmured before his lips crashed against mine. His power surged through me and mixed with Tobiass when I felt my heartbeat erratically. It felt like it was going to burst or leap out of my chest when desire so strong smashed into me, making me gasp as Tobias’s hands moved up my sides. Tobias had marked me, and I could suddenly feel everything he felt.

No malice, just Tobias and his hunger, desire, and acceptance. He pulls his teeth from my neck, his lips traveling up t my neck to below my ear. “I want you, Aleera, not what you can do for me,” Tobias murmurs when I feel Lycus’s teeth sink into the same spot, making my toes curl. My hips roll against his, Lycus’s hands squeeze my ass as all his power surges into me, along with Tobias’s.

Blending together mingling, forcing me to drop the barrier between both sides of magic, unable to contain it as it erupted, my veins tingling, and my skin buzzed. Lycus pulls his teeth from my neck, my blood-stained lips.

“2 down, 2 to go,” Lycus laughs before his lips crash against mine hungrily. I could feel them completely, everything they felt, and I could feel they gave me every drop of their power. They were both at my mercy if I chose not to give it back, and I smiled against his lips with that knowledge. 1

Kalen laughed, making me pull away from Lycus, who also looks over at him. “What?” Lycus asks him. “She emptied your reserves,” Kalen teases with an amused laugh.

“So?” Tobias says against my neck. I sigh at the feel of his lips on my skin.

“What if she refuses to give it back?” Kalen mocks, and Tobias’s lips stop their teasing.

“I’ll get it back,” Lycus growls, rolling my hips against his front, his erection pressing against me and making me moan obscenely. “Isn’t that right, Aleera?” I shake my head, and he

growls, making me open my eyes to stare at him. Lycus nips my lips.

“You will give it back,” he purrs against my lips.

“Make me,” my airy voice almost a moan as arousal flooded into me and Tobias presses closer. Lycus chuckles darkly. “Our little Vixen wants to play,” Lycus taunts.

“Hmm, appears so. Let’s see who breaks her first then,” Tobias growls as Lycus’s lips slam against mine and Tobias’s hands move up my hips, sneaking under my shirt and going to my breasts, squeezing them.

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