Tasting Darkness By Jessica Hall Chapter 73

Read Tasting Darkness By Jessica Hall Chapter 73 – Their touch burned and excited me. Overwhelmingly strong were the feelings through the bond. It should have scared me, having so many hands touching and tugging on me. Tobias’s hand moved to my shirt, tugging it off over my head and forcing Lycus’s lips to leave mine. Tobias’s hand gripped my throat, tilting my head back before his lips covered mine, my back pressing against his chest when I felt Lycus’s lips latch onto my nipple.

Electricity shot through me, their magic swirling like a storm within me as it mingled with my newly awakened magic, strengthening it, armoring theirs, and fueling mine. My reserves re energized when Lycus bites my nipple, his teeth breaking the delicate skin, and I gasp, ripping my lips from Tobias’s to scold him only for Lycus’s lips to crash against mine. He chuckled, pushing me closer to Tobias, who was suddenly forced against the wall with me pressed between them. Lycus moans, and I drop my guard under the assault of his tongue, tasting every inch of my mouth. His fiery tongue tangled with mine when I felt the zap as he stole some of his power back.

He pulls his lips from mine with a gasp; he shivers and groans, the sound almost a moan when his eyes bleed black, and he suddenly looked demonic, a cocky grin on his face as he blinked. “Fuck!” he groans, his skin rippling like he was about to shift, yet I could feel it was my power morphing with his that was causing it, his aura ten times stronger, and he wasn’t even using it. Lycus’s canines slip out from between his lips, protruding as he breathes heavily, his claws slipping from his fingers, and he loosens his grip, so they don’t pierce into me just when I feel Tobias sink his teeth into my neck over my mark.

My eyes roll in the back of my head as pleasure erupts all over, spine-tingling bliss as I feel him feed on me, yet even as he drained some of my magic instead of feeling weaker, my power burned hotter, stronger, and I exhaled when he pulled his teeth from my neck. I heard his head hit the wall as he threw it back. “So seductively sweet,”

He growled; his body shuddered and behind me when I felt Lycus’s hands warm as he fed his magic back into me. “Careful, Lycus, don’t overwhelm her,” Darius growls, making my eyes open to see Darius climb off the bed. He walked over to us, and I could feel through the bond that Tobias was struggling with Just behind me, my magic bleeding through him, overpowering him. Darius stopped beside us, looking at Tobias worriedly behind me, but I knew he wouldn’t hurt me. He had enough control, and I was sure I could take him if needed. Darius observes them curiously like he could sense the power through our mates.

Reaching my hand out, I grip his shoulder and yank him toward me. He stumbles, and I lean over, smashing my lips against his, wanting to know what it would be like with all their magic racing through me. Darius’ lips were warm against mine, soft, and I siphoned his power within seconds.

His shock at me kissing me had dropped his guard, and it bled into me quickly as I pulled back away from him. His power was like ice in my veins, so cold and intense it made my heart stutter, and I gasped for air as I swallowed down the power bleeding into me and mingling with ours; mine was fighting to change his while his powerful magic was fighting to change mine. His power danced with mine, playing with it, teasing mine, and making goosebumps rise all over my body. “

You little minx, you stole it,” Darius chuckled, and I giggled, worried he would be mad, but he just seemed amused. Kalen roared with laughter behind me. “Not such a big wicked demon after all.” Kalen laughed behind him, making Darius smirk before glancing back at Kalen. His laughing cut off when Darius growled. My heart lurched in my chest when Darius pounced on him, causing him t o shriek, and I flinched about to help Kalen when Lycus’ lips nipped at my chin.

“Darius is playing with him; he won’t hurt him,” Lycus purrs, and he was right as I watched Darius pin him to the bed before his lips crashed against Kalen’s. Kalen writhed beneath him while also trying to escape him. Darius chuckles, pinning his wrists above his head. Darius’s hand was moving between their bodies, and arousal smashed into me when I saw him squeeze Kalen’s cock through his boxer shorts. Kalen groaned and rocked his hips up against him. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from them, loving seeing this playful side to them. Darius’s tongue slipped into his mouth briefly before he pulled up a teasing smile on his lips, and Kalen pouted. “

If you want it back, take it,” Darius teases, making me realize Darius stole his magic. “What do you want to do, love? I take you over there to them. You won’t be leaving the bed, or do you still want to shower?” Tobias purred behind me. That was suddenly a tough question to answer because I wanted both things. “Or one of us could join you?” Lycus purred. Darius and Kalen glanced over to see what I would choose. “In that case, I choose Kalen,” I giggled, and Tobias huffed behind me while Lycus growled, scrunching his face up before smiling. Darius looks down at Kalen beneath him. 1 “Maybe you can steal mine back from her,” Darius purrs, leaning down at nipping at Kalen’s lips before kissing him.

I could see the exchange this time, paying attention as Darius gave him back his magic, Kalen’s aura growing stronger before Darius lets him up. Lycus placed me on my feet and stepped back. The bond urged me to chase him, bring him back to me; it craved his touch. “He’s all yours,” Lycus chuckles as Kalen comes over to me. His eyes roam over my face and down to my bare chest, his breathing becoming heavier, and I watch his eyes darken. I reach for him.

Despite craving his touch, I am more gentle with Kalen, unable to be rough with him, yet I felt he craved roughness like some part of him got sick of everyone treating him like he was made of glass. Kalen grabbed my throat before I could touch him, ripping me toward him before his lips crashed against mine. That was the moment I realized, no, Kalen didn’t crave roughness, he desired control, something he was rarely given by the others, and I had no issues letting him have it as his mouth dominated mine, devouring my lips while his grip on my neck grew tighter. “Kalen gentle,”

Tobias whispered, but I shook my head, knowing Kalen wanted this, knowing he needed it. 1 His mouth went to my jaw and neck. The heat of Tobias pressing against my back seeped into me and his concern for me. “He’s fine. Leave him be,” I moan when his grip becomes rougher, his fingers digging into my breast as he squeezed it with his other hand before pressing himself against me. My breathing became labored when I felt his teeth sink into me over their marks; I hissed at the pain because his teeth were blunt compared to Tobias and Lycus’s.

I clutch him closer, feeling the bond wash over me, Kalen’s emotions bleeding into me along with his magic when he pulls his face from my neck. His eyes were closed, and my blood ran from the corner of his mouth. He sighed, and I gripped his chin, tilting his face down toward mine before licking the trail of my blood back to his lips before kissing him. Kalen smiled against my lips as my tongue delved between his. All too soon, he pulled away. “3 down one to go?” he breathed, brushing his nose against mine.

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