Tasting Darkness By Jessica Hall Chapter 74

Read Tasting Darkness By Jessica Hall Chapter 74 – Tobias moves behind me. His lips press softly to my jaw, and I tilt my head, giving him better access. My eyes flutter closed at the sparks rushing over my skin, making goosebumps rise over my body as he left open mouth kisses on my skin. Sucking and nipping at my soft flesh. His teeth grazed and teased as his arms wrapped around my waist, firmly holding me against him. Kalen’s lips crashed against my own, his tongue demanding as it moved between my parted lips, tasting every inch of my mouth.

Their touch was invigorating and empowering as their magic passed between us with each touch and gentle caress. I ran my hands across Kalen’s warm chest, loving the tingling sensation beneath my palms and the feeling of his arousal from the bond. Tobias growls, the sound sending a cold chill up my spine as his teeth pierce my flesh and nearly cause my knees to buckle.

My eyes rolled into the back of my head as his tongue lapped at my neck, his grip becoming stronger. His bite is no longer painful but pleasurable, and I push back against him, my lips pulling away from Kalen’s as I moan at the euphoria coursing through me. Darius’ scent reaches my nose.

His masculine smokey scent wrapping around me made my eyes open to see him watching me. Kalen steps out of his way and moves toward the bathroom door. H e opens it, and I hear the shower turn on a few seconds later. Tobias pulled his fangs from my neck, and I felt a little lightheaded as the ecstasy of his bite left and forced me back to reality. “Go shower before they get carried away,” Darius whispers. His eyes flickered like he was fighting his own urges to mark me. His hands fell on my hips, and he turned me toward the bathroom, where I could see Kalen was already in the shower.

I gulp when he turns, and he wets his face. His body looked like it was hand sculpted. Kalen was b y far the smallest, with his height and muscle, more athletically built and leaner. Yet his softness was what made him so appealing. That and the calmness I found when with Kalen. Whereas Lycus looked like he lived in a gym despite never seeing him use one, his werewolf DNA was strong, and he was all muscle on muscle. Darius’s body, you could tell, was lethal, bulky, and hard pressed behind me.

He and Tobias were built similarly, both towering over the rest of us. “Are you just going to stand there?” Kalen asked, raising an eyebrow while I gawked at how perfect he was. He smirks, his hair falling in his eyes now that it was wet. He runs his fingers through his hair, flicking his hair out of his face as he turns back to wash himself. Darius pushes me through the door, making me stumble.

His hand on my stomach caught me before I face-planted onto the tiles because I stared off in a daze, too busy perving on my mate. Darius laughed softly behind me. “Kalen is delicious to look at,” Darius tells me, and I nod stupidly. I am pretty sure he could have said anything, and I would have nodded, still focused on Kalen, my mind refusing to comprehend anything or anyone else. “Kalen, stop. She can barely function,” Darius tells him, and I feel the trance that gripped me lessen, making me blink rapidly. “He was fiddling with your aura, pulling on it.” Darius murmurs when I feel his fingers trail along the waistband of my pants.

I grip his hands. -“You’re not bleeding; I checked you early this morning while you were asleep,” Darius tells me, and I sigh, I know I should probably be embarrassed, yet I found I was anything but. Darius slid them down, and I quickly stepped out of them. “I will get some towels for you both,” Darius murmurs, and I grip his wrist as he turns to walk out.

H e stops looking at me as I turn, pulling him toward the shower. His eyes move behind me to Kalen. Kalen’s wet hand gripped my hip as he tugged me to him. His skin was hard and warm against my back as he pulled me under the shower spray. He detaches the showerhead, and I shiver when the spray blasts through my hair as Kalen wets it. Yet I stood waiting to see what Darius would do when I let his hand go.

“Would you like a written invitation, Darius? I don’t think she could be clearer unless she said it,” Kalen asks him behind me as he hooks the showerhead back onto the wall. Kalen grabs the soap, his arm wrapping around my waist as he lathers my skin with his hand holding the soap. Citrus and vanilla flooded the room as the steam heated the place, making the mirror fog. Darius turns and walks out, and I sigh. Invariably, one step forward and ten back with him.

Turning i n Kalen’s arms, he smiles down at me before dipping his face lower, his lips brushing mine softly when heat moves across my back, seeping into me. I pull away from Kalen to see Darius step in behind me when I glance over my shoulder. His hot skin brushes mine as he closes the shower screen behind him.

His hands move to my hips, and Kalen’s hands trail up to my ribs, softly caressing my sides when he turns me to face Darius. Kalen’s hand moves to my breast, fondling it, and I lean back against him, only for Darius to take a step closer. His face was barely inches from mine as he watched Kalen’s hands exploring my body, touching and caressing.

I place my palm in the center of Darius’s chest, the heat radiating from him hotter than the water ! stood under. Darius looks down at my hand and steps closer, his lips smashing against mine. His hand moved from my hip and went to my hair as he pulled me closer, deepening the kiss. His lips devoured mine, and I had to pull away for air.

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