Tasting Darkness By Jessica Hall Chapter 75

Read Tasting Darkness By Jessica Hall Chapter 75 – As he stepped closer, Darius’s lips moved to my neck, so his entire body was flush against mine. Kalen’s erection dug into my lower back, and Darius fists my hair in his hand, tugging at my hair and forcing my head back. His tongue flicked my earlobe. He nibbles on it, teasing it with his teeth, making me moan when Kalen’s hand presses between Darius and me on my stomach. Kalen’s fingers trailed down between my legs when he cupped my pussy with his hand, squeezing i t, making me shiver as sparks rushed straight to my clit.

Lust coursed violently through me when his fingers parted my lower lips before shoving his finger inside me. My legs shook with the sudden intrusion as he slid his finger in as deep as possible, making Darius groan and pull away to look down at Kalen’s hand, teasing and playing with me. “Gently Kalen,” Darius says before his hand covers Kalen slowing his movements.

Darius pulls Kalen’s hand gently, guiding his finger inside me. Both of them playing with me, and my arousal spills out of me, coating Kalen’s finger and hand as I writhed between them. I grip Darius’ arm, my legs trembling as he moves Kalen’s hand faster. “Curl your finger upward,” Darius growls, watching Kalen’s hand when he does, making me cry out when his finger brushes some part I did not know existed, causing a breathy moan to leave my lips and my eyes fluttered closed.

“That’s it,” Darius murmurs, making my eyes open to find Darius’ eyes watching my face when I feel Darius’ finger slip inside me alongside Kalen’s. His finger is warmer and longer as he slid in, matching Kalen’s rhythm and guiding Kalen to the same spot that made warmth pool in my lower stomach, my body tingling.

My walls clamp down on their fingers, and Kalen’s arm tightens around my ribs, keeping me upright. My nails into Darius’s arm earning me a growl when Darius’ lips swallow his and Kalen’s fingers moved quicker. The feeling they were stirring up within me builds quickly, and Darius kisses the side of my mouth. His tongue teasing the seam of my lips. “Can I mark you?” he murmurs against my lips, making my eyes snap open when he asks for permission. “You’re asking?”

I said, a little shocked. “Maybe I should have all along,” he whispered before his finger curled inside me, making me shake and cry out. He smirks. My face heating and my head rolls back against Kalen’s shoulder behind m “Is that a yes?” Darius growls, his teeth grazing my jaw and down my neck where all their marks lay.

“Yes,” I answer breathlessly. His teeth sink into my neck over their marks, sending me over the edge. My moans resounded loudly off the tiled walls. My inner walls clenched their fingers as my pussy pulsated, my orgasm rippling over me, making my knees go out from under me. Darius stepped closer. Kalen bore all my weight on his arm that was securely around me, trapping me between them.

Their fingers slowed as rode out the orgasm that washed over me in waves when I felt Darius’s teeth smash through the barrier and merge with all their bonds. His magic smashed into mine as it fought mine, wanting to return to its owner. His cold power bled into my veins quickly, tangling and dominating mine, only for mine to fight back and morph and change his, turning his magic from ice cold to warm as it slivered through me strongly. Darius’ emotions bleed into me like a tidal wave. Shock and awe are the strongest, followed by his longing. Only he now genuinely realized what it meant that I was a harmony Fae.

Both light and dark coexisting as one, mingling and blurring the lines between what should be impossible but somehow fit like pieces of a puzzle, and Darius just gave me the last piece. Darius pulls his teeth from my neck, and his eyes flicker oddly. The color-changing from black to gold then flashes before turning black again. He cups my face with his hand, and their fingers slip out of me. Darius kisses me softly, sucking my bottom lip into his mouth, mal gentle he could be.

“Four down, Four to go,” he whispers against my lips, and my brows furrow at his words. “We all belong to you now, so now you get to choose if you belong to us,” Darius murmurs, pressing his forehead against mine. I wrap my arms around his neck, tugging him down to kiss him. He answers instantly, and I hear the shower screen open up. Kalen shuffles around behind me, and Darius pulls me closer, allowing Lycus and Tobias to step into the shower with us. Lycus turns one of the other shower heads on, adjusting it as it wasn’t detachable. Darius’ hands move to my thighs before he grips them, lifting me.

I wrap my legs around his waist. His hands squeezed my ass when I suddenly felt all their hands o n me. Tobias messaging my scalp with shampoo. Lycus’ fingers teased as he and Kalen washed m My lips go to Darius’ neck, and he groans lewdly, his hands squeezing harder, and I could feel him hard below me.

Tobias gripped my hair, tilting my head back to rinse out the shampoo. I close my eyes when Darius’ hot mouth latches onto my nipple, making me moan when I feel Lycus’ lips latch onto the other. The bond was odd. I could feel them completely, differentiate who was who and where they were without even looking like an extra sense now that they had marked me.

Their lips tease when Tobias lets go of my hair, letting me lift my head back. Darius’ lips went back to mine while Tobias’s fingers swept my hair over one shoulder, his lips teasing as he nipped at my shoulder and neck. Darius growls. His tongue dominated my mouth as he rolled my hips against him. “Hmm, someone is tempting darkness,” Tobias purred against my neck, and Darius pulled away. His eyes flicker, and he smirks. “Now she is about to taste it,” Darius growls.

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