Tasting Darkness By Jessica Hall Chapter 76

Read Tasting Darkness By Jessica Hall Chapter 76 – My heart skips a beat at his words , and Darius’s lips go to their marks on my neck , making me moan when Kalen grips my hair . He tugged my head back before his lips covered mine . I answered his kiss , turning in Darius’s arms to wrap mine around Kalen’s neck , pulling him closer when I felt him grab me . Darius transferred me over to him . Kalen pushes me against the shower wall , and m y blood sings in my veins at his roughness . My legs wrap around his waist securely , and the others move around , showering . I thought Darius would be angry that I wanted Kalen , yet they all seemed to accept it like they knew before I even did . Kalen’s tongue moves between my lips , assaulting my mouth , and I gasp into his mouth . Any reservations I had left now , I a m safely in Kalen’s hands . I knew he wouldn’t hurt me . I knew none of them would , but I felt more relaxed with Kalen . Kalen sucks my bottom lip into his mouth , his teeth tugging on it , and the bond flares making me mewl . The noises

leaving me as the bond thrived grew more robust and were embarrassing . However , they didn’t mind or mention my sudden insatiable hunger for them and their magic . The urge to take his power and recharge him was overwhelming , and my body tingled as I ran my fingers up the back of his neck and into his hair . Kalen shudders before I feel the sparks zap my fingertips . My bond siphoning his magic and absorbing it before feeding it back to him stronger , the cycle relentless , and the more I did , the more desire coursed through me . It was almost maddening , the urges rolling over me entirely out of my control as I moved my hips against him . His hard cock pressed against my wet pussy . Any fear I may have extinguished , and I felt the moment carnal instinct washed over me completely . My vision changed , and m y entire body tingled as I blinked . Kalen gasped , pulling away from me . My reflection in his eyes made me gasp when I saw my eyes glowing and turning completely white , radiating back at me like a raging storm .

The buzz under my skin intensified , a feral , hungered noise leaving me as my lips crashed against his hungrily . Any control I had was now lost and forgotten a s I gave in to the feeling . Kalen chuckles against my lips as I mauled him . ” Not here , Kalen . Take her to the room . She isn’t losing her virginity on a shower wall ,

” Lycus tells him ; however , I couldn’t care less where I lost anything right now . All I could focus on was the feeling the bond was drowning me in , lust coursing through me rapidly and burning me up like wildfire as I attacked him . Tasting the saltiness of his skin , anything I could get my mouth on . I could feel him moving , felt the cold draft rush over me as he stepped out of the shower with me in his arms , yet my skin was boiling hot , my skin itching with a foreign need . Their hands touching and drying me made me moan . Kalen chuckles as my tongue assaults his lips , chin , and neck .

He doesn’t stop me or pull away , his magic bleeding in and out of me . So much power was being transferred that it was ridiculous . Arousing and electrifying at the same time . I understood why it was called shredding , like burning off energy rapidly , only to absorb more and burn it off by giving it back . Each time his power grew stronger , the more I pulled on it before giving it back to him . I struggled with focus , recognition , desire , and instinct taking over , and my back hit the mattress .

Kalen tried to untangle himself from me , but my fingers refused to let go of his shoulders , and I growled like an animal when he tried . y My legs wrapped around him , securely holding him in place against me . Yet his worry bled through the bond . However , m bond was uncaring , only hungry for him and his power . When hot hands gripped the sides of my face . My head is pulled back , and I am pushed flat against the mattress ; I see Darius’s demonic eyes staring down at me .

A seductive smile on his lips . ” Calm . Slow Aleera , you will regret it in the morning , ” his words sounded reasonable , yet instinct refused to let go oI me as I clutched Kalen closer . Darius’s eyes glow , burning brightly before I feel him turn his magic on me , forcing me to relax , and my legs unravel from around Kalen’s waist falling open on the bed , and my fingers let him go . Kalen sighs , but Darius’s magic almost had me sedated , and the fog washing over me and clouding me lifts slightly , making me blink up at him . “

1 Darius smirks . ” That’s it , calm Aleera , Darius murmurs before leaning down and kissing me softly , his tongue gently brushing mine , his hands on the sides of my face slid down to my neck , his thumbs brushing along my jaw , warm and making my skin tingle . ” Maybe one of you should ? ” Kalen whispers , and Darius pulls his lips from mine to look at him . My breathing was harsh as the need for Kalen’s power overwhelmed me . It was like the bond craved him , yet subconsciously , it went with who I would have chosen first . It was an odd feeling . Darius lets me go , and the moment he does

, I attack Kalen ; the bond overwhelming me . Kalen’s nervousness hits me like a slap in the face when Darius grabs me , pulling me back down , his magic moving through me again and sedating me . Yet still , my hips rocked against Kalen , my legs locked around his waist . ” Her bond wants you , Kalen , ” Tobias tells him , but the fire coursing through me became painful the more he denied me , I groaned as my arousal spilled out , coating my thighs . But Kalen just stared down at me , and I mewl . Kalen bites his lip , looking down at me .

I wondered why he was denying me ; the bond screaming out painfully for him , but he just stared down at me , and the feeling through the bond was almost fear . ” Maybe Tobias should , ” Kalen murmurs . Tears prick my eyes at Kalen’s words .

The bond recoiled in my chest , making me cry out . My back arched at his rejection as pain rippled through me when Lycus moved onto the bed beside me , his magic flooding into me as his hand moved across my stomach , the bond relaxing under his touch , and I fell back against the bed . Humiliated at the way my bond was reacting , tears stung my eyes . I couldn’t even speak , incapable of it . Everything became based on instinct and the feeling of my bond tugging on theirs .

It became clear why everyone always said you needed your mates when shredding . It was agony and uncontrollable ; I was at the mercy of my bond , inhibited by instincts I was not used to . ” Calm , he is scared . Aleera . He isn’t rejecting you , ” Lycus murmured before leaning over and kissing me softly and sucking on my bottom lip .

He nibbles on it before pulling away from me and smiling back at me . Darius ‘ hands still cupping my face warm up more , his magic bleeding through me , trying to calm my frantic bond , and I see Tobias kiss Kalen’s shoulder . Kalen turns his head to face him , to look at him , and Tobias kisses him . The sight made my bond flare stronger , saddened Kalen would give in to Tobias , but not me . ” I know you want him . He will give your bond what it wants . Kalen has never been with a woman . Just give him a second , “

Darius purrs , leaning down and kissing m e softly . His words startled me for a second , and when he pulled away , Kalen was staring down at me with a worried look on his face and his cheeks heat . His embarrassment hits me , and my bond calms , reacting to him . Wanting to comfort him and tell him it was ok , which it was , I was a virgin , for god sake , and not many were at the age of twenty – four , especially a damn keeper .

A purr escapes me , a noise I wasn’t aware I could make , my bond rushing out like an aura and reassuring him . Kalen sighs , closing his eyes and tipping his head back . My body felt foreign doing things I had no control over . The urge to comfort my mate became overwhelming , and I felt the tension start to leave him .

” What are you worried about ? Hurting her ? I can assure you right now you won’t , not while she is like this , ” Tobias chuckles , nodding toward me writhing on the bed . Kalen looks down at me , and his face takes on a darkened expression , his eyes flickering and the room chilled slightly , reacting to his mood .

And for the first time , I got glimmers of his aura . I had never seen one , and I knew i t was because I was filled with his magic . However , Kalen’s was black as coal , and fractures like shattered glass crackled within it .

Darkness , his aura , was tainted by the darkness that sometimes took over him , showing how close he lived to the edge of this world and death , a limbo between the light and darkness that swirled within him . ” Yes , but mostly what she will see , ” Kalen says , and Lycus cups Kalen’s cheek with his hand . His thumb smoothed under his eye .

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