Tasting Darkness By Jessica Hall Chapter 77

Read Tasting Darkness By Jessica Hall Chapter 77 – It won’t make her love you any less , ” Lycus told him . Their words confused me , and I tried to process what he meant . I wanted desperately to ask , yet my tongue felt thick in my mouth . I glanced at Darius , who held an indecipherable expression . Worry etched on his handsome face , a crease forming between his eyes as I stared up at him questionably . Darius licks his lip , and his eyes go to mine and soften slightly .

” There is a reason they are called keepers . They are keepers of more than magic , Aleera . You get their magic , but you also get all their secrets , even the ones we haven’t told each other . ” Darius murmured the last part like he had just remembered that . That was what Kalen was worried about ? I knew that already , so why was he so scared of me learning about his past ? The atmosphere in the room changed now that Darius spoke the words . A nervous ripple coursed through all of them as they watched me .

” Kalen doesn’t have a good one , Aleera . I ” know you are probably having trouble keeping a singular thought , but you should know not one of us has a stellar past , ” Lycus whispers while leaning over me . He brushes his nose against mine and pecks my lips . My bond forgetting the conversation and my hands grip his arms , tugging him closer and deepening the kiss . Lycus palms my breast before rolling my nipple between his fingers as I kiss him . Hands smoothed over my thighs , and Lycus pulled away from me just as Kalen gripped my hips , yanking me closer to him .

His eyes flicker at me , and he purrs , a cocky grin splitting onto his face . Kalen pushes my legs further apart before grabbing his cock in his hand . He runs the tip between my glistening wet folds , making me arch my hips , wanting him to sink himself inside my tight confines . Lycus growls , and my eyes dart to him to find him watching Kalen tease me by running his cock between my lips , parting them . Lycus leans down , and Kalen moves slightly as Lycus’s mouth covers my throbbing pussy , his hot tongue brushing my clit , making me cry out and buck against his lips .

Lycus growls , sucking on my clit , and I watch Kalen run his fingers through Lycus’s hair . My hips roll against his fiery tongue . Arousal makes my muscles tense , and heat pools in my belly , desire coursing through me , and my thighs become slick a s my juices spill from me , coating his lips . Lycus pulls away , and Kalen grips the back of his neck , bringing Lycus’s lips to his and kissing him . Tasting me on his Lycus lips .

Kalen lets him go , and my breathing becomes harsh as the bond grows impatient . Kalen looks down at me and smirks before running the tip of his cock between my pussy lips again teasingly , stopping at my entrance . Tobias moves onto the bed o n my other side , his lips latching onto my nipple , making me moan , and his hand falls on my knee , pulling my leg further open . Kalen’s hand falls on my thigh , spreading my legs wide apart as he moves closer and pushes the tip in .

I gasp at the feeling , and Tobias pulls away , and I see Kalen watching me as he slowly pushes inside me , stretching me around his thick shaft . His cock grazing my inner walls , gliding in smoothly coated in my juices . M y pussy grips him , and he groans . His eyes flicker before he shoves inside me , his hips flush against me . Kalen stills before watching himself slide out of me , and his eyes flick to mine when I move my hips , forcing him back inside .

Darius growls , his hands moving to my shoulders before letting me go . His magic lets me go , and the bond is flooded with primal desire . Kalen smiled darkly , gripping my hips and slamming into me . I reach for him , my hands wanting to touch him . I feel the bed dip as Tobias and Lycus move when Kalen gripped my hands , lacing his fingers through mine and shoving them into the mattress above my head . His lips crashed against mine hungrily .

My tongue fought his for dominance as the bond flared . I roll my hips moving in sync with his thrusts , and I moan loudly as bliss rolls over me when he floods me with his magic , giving me all of it , bathing me in it . My bond tangling with his , and my chest warmed a t the feeling coursing through me . Kalen’s lips move to my mark , and he sucks on it , earning a moan from me when sparks make my entire body buzz . His hard length sliding in and out of me , slick with my arousal from the building friction . Kalen groans when my walls clamp down around him .

His lips returning to mine , and my fingers squeeze his as he drives me closer to the precipice . As he tastes every inch of my mouth , Kalen’s tongue becomes demanding , and I am overwhelmed with the friction and his magic slivering through me . My entire body heats and my breathing turns to a pant as I roll my hips against him when m y bond takes over completely , hungry to mark him and claim him . Kalen growls when my magic shoves out , and I overpower him , flipping him on his back . Kalen barely sat up in time before I had climbed on top of him .

My legs straddling his waist , and Kalen’s arms wrap around my waist , slowing me as I sink down on him . A sigh leaves my lips at the feel of his cock filling me , and my head rolls back at the pleasurable feeling , only for a set of lips to swallow my moans as Tobias’s lips cover mine . Kalen rolls my hips against him , his lips going to my breast , his teeth tugging at my nipple as his tongue swirls around it . My stomach coils with tension , and heat washes over me . My inner walls quiver as the first ripple effect of my orgasm washes over me . Kalen groans , and Tobias’s lips leave mine , only for Kalen to grip the back my neck , bringing my lips back to his .

His kiss was hungry , and I shattered . My pussy pulsating and gripping his cock when Kalen’s lips pull away from mine , and he groans as warm jets of his semen coated my insides , and his movements slowed just as I sank my teeth into his neck . Fireworks exploded behind my eyelids as his soul bled into mine , giving me every piece of him . His magic is no longer his or mine but ours . My bond calms , and I mean as his blood floods my mouth and moan as his bloo s my mouth and coats my tongue . Kalen’s cock twitched inside me as he clutched me closer .

My orgasm prolonged by the feeling of his magic flowing through both of us , and m y cries seemed endless as I rode out the effects of it . I gasp , pulling my teeth from his neck . Kalen cups my face in his hands , and the room spins around us , warping and the colors blurring . I felt like I was falling when Kalen kissed me gently .

” I love you , and I never stopped , ” Kalen whispers , pulling away , and he sighs , pressing his forehead against mine . ” So , please forgive me , ” he whispers . His words made no sense to me until I was plunged into the darkness of his memories . I was aware I was being moved , could feel their hands touching m e until I was no longer feeling anything but experiencing something else entirely . Thrown into new surroundings . A surrounding that I wasn’t familiar with . I It was at that moment that I realized I had traveled back in time to Kalen’s memories .

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