Tasting Darkness [Tempting Darkness] By Jessica Hall Book 2 Chapter 12

Read Tasting Darkness [Tempting Darkness] By Jessica Hall Book 2 Chapter 12 – Aleera POV

Three weeks later . Darius stayed away from me for weeks . I hardly saw him , and he would swiftly walk off from me when I did . Even when I had classes with him , he would swap with Lycus . Yet I knew it was bothering my mates . They were bonded to him , and him not being around I could tell , had them on edge . One thing I was sure of , though , was that Darius was right . Without me marking all of them , their bonds were more attached to Darius , which made me worry , knowing he could order them away from me , and they would all oblige , except for Kalen .

They were drawn to him , their bonds seeking him out like he was their beacon . Sitting in one of Darius’s classes , Lycus stood at the front explaining something when Darius walked in . He looked like crap , huge dark circles under his eyes , his skin paler than normal . Lycus growled at him in annoyance as Darius walked toward me and I sat back in my chair before realizing he had no magic . He hadn’t slept in the room in weeks , and I would know if any of them had slept with him so he could absorb their power . They had explained that is how they transferred magic before me , yet it took strong emotion and was mainly only obtainable for Darius to transfer during sex or fury with them , whereas me he only had to touch ,

Yet I was still angry with him after catching him the other night . He was standing over me after he stabbed me in the hip with a needle . When I asked him what it was , he walked out of the room . Tobias and he had a huge fight , which ended with Tobias bleeding and absorbed of his magic after Darius stole it from him . Tobias explained Darius injected me with a devil’s bane serum to stop me from shredding and marking them . My teeth weren’t strong enough to mark them without shredding . I had tried , but their skin was too tough for me to pierce , Darius stops in front of my desk , and I look at him . ” Aleera , I need , “

” Magic ? Yeah , not happening , ” I tell him . Until he either apologized or gave in to the bond allowing me mark them , he wasn’t getting anything from me willingly . He growls and punches the desk , making everyone jump and scatter . They run from the room , and Lycus moves closer warily when Darius turns on him .

One thing I had come to notice was Darius ; without power was like a withdrawing drug addict . ” Out ! ” Darius booms and his eyes flicker as he orders Lycus out . Lycus tries to refuse his order . Sweat beaded on his skin , he gritted his teeth .

Lycus hands fist at his side and Darius’s eyes glowed like burning embers as he used the last of his magic behind it . Lycus snarls but is forced from the room and Darius flicks his wrist using the last dribs and drabs , slamming the door and flicking the lock before I could run out after Lycus .

I grip the door handle and jerk my hand back as it burns me . I hiss . My palm burns fiercely and blisters . Darius growls , and I spin around . My hands glow as I feel for my magic , but my burned hand fizzles out , and I cry out as my magic burns my hand worse . Lycus would tell the others .

He was out of magic now , but he was like a raging bull as he stalked toward me . I lift my hand , not wanting to hurt him , knowing it would hurt them , but he wasn’t leaving me much choice . ” You could try saying please , ” I spit at him as he stalks toward me . ” Teine air a chuairteachadh , “

I blurt , and flames encases his body , but he just walks straight through them absorbing the magic in them and making me gasp before I remember he is demonic – Fae , and fire won’t burn him . He reaches for me and grips the front of my shirt and jerks me toward him , and slams me down on my back on the desk knocking the air out of me . I raise my hand .

” A lùbadh solas , ” I scream as I palm in his face . Light bursts from my hand and blinds him temporarily , and he snarls , clutching his eyes . I kick him when a portal opens up , and Tobias rushes into the room . He tackles Darius and slams him against the wall .

Tobias punches him , only for Darius to lose it and headbutt him , knocking Tobias out , and he tosses him off before repeatedly punching him . I scream and get to my feet . I grab Darius’s arm as he goes to hit him again .

Darius turned on me instantly , and his face was twisted and demonic – looking , his eyes entirely black and his teeth were sharp points , his skin had turned a greyish color , and I blinked in shock as he turned on me . My heart raced in my chest as I stared at him . Tobias groans on the ground , and blood pools around him as Darius gets to his feet . Fear paralyzed me momentarily .

That moment cost me as he grabbed me , furiously , he started draining my magic , and I thrashed and panicked , setting myself on fire , but he didn’t let me go , only growled , pressing me against the door , and I was forced to put the flames out or set the place ablaze .

My clothes were singed and my body tingled . 11 ” Give it to me . Stop fighting me , Darius suarled . ” Fuck you ! ” I snap back at him , and his grip turned bone – crushing , making me cry out , I scream as he turns my magic against me , making me freeze as he turned my blood ice cold . ” Ryze ! ” I screamed , my breath making smoke clouds in the air

, I screamed for Ryze again , hoping he could hear me . Darius snarls before fighting dirty . His lips crash down on mine when he yanks on my bond , forcing it forward . ” Is this what you want ? ” he snarls , biting my lips and forcing his tongue into my mouth .

Darius rips at my clothes , and I thrash , punching him and clawing at him before he sinks his teeth into my mark . The bond awakens like a live wire , and I moan involuntarily as his hands rip at my tights , trying to yank them down before fiddling with his belt buckle .

My mind was screaming for him to stop , yet the bond was haywire as he pulled at it , wanting him closer when he was suddenly ripped off me . The fuzzy cloudiness of the bond being ripped away , and I staggered toward him , wanting to go to him before shaking myself as my

mind clears of the haze . My vision blurred , correcting itself , and I saw Kalen . ” Get out ! ” Kalen yelled at me , flicking his wrist and opening a portal . I had never really seen Kalen use magic , only a few times , knowing it made him unstable each time he did use it . Darius got up , and his growl was like a clap of thunder , and I screamed , running toward Kalen . He looks at me over his shoulder before twisting his wrist , and I run straight at him and burst into our room .

I fall on my hands , and my heart races when I realize Kalen moved the portal in front of me before I could reach My breathing was harsh as fear coursed through me . I got to my feet and raced for the door , only for an arm to wrap around my waist as I reached for the handle . I thrashed and screamed . ” It’s me , stop . You’re fine , ” Lycus breathes next to my ear . ” You’re okay , ” Lycus whispers , but I shake my head . ” Kalen ! ” I whimper .

” Shh , you’re fine . Kalen will be fine ; Darius won’t hurt him . ” Lycus tells me . ” He hurt Tobias , ” I tell him , and Lycus nods , kissing the side of my neck . ” Tobias will be fine , but Kalen can handle Darius when he is like that . He can manipulate his aura and bring him back , ” Lycus whispers , tugging me back toward the bed . When lust suddenly burns through the bond . Lycus groans behind me and pulls me on his lap . ” I promise Kalen will be fine , ” ” No , you didn’t see his face , “

I stammered , remembering the look on his face I knew it would give me nightmares . ” I know , just calm down . I wouldn’t be here if I thought Kalen couldn’t handle him . Kalen is stronger than you think . ” Lycus tells me . I shake my head worriedly . ” But Darius he , ” ” He became the Demonic – King , ” Lycus says , and I turn my face to look at him . ” What ? ” ” Without magic , Darius is only a demon similar rest of the men here , but Darius isn’t a normal Demonic – Fae . He is the last of his kind .

Darius is similar , but he also isn’t like the other demons here . He has enhanced strength , speed , stamina , and other abilities , like possession , mental influence , lower elemental use , and body manipulation . It is why he is so dangerous . Even without power , he is lethal .

Don’t tempt him when he is like that . You give him what he wants . ” But Kalen is in there with him , ” I exclaim . ” Kalen knows how to play Darius like a damn fiddle . Darius can’t manipulate him as he can us . ”

I don’t understand , ” ” Kalen can manipulate his aura , make him feel , remember who he is , who we are to him , control emotions and twist them , like persuasive coercion , ” Lycus tells me , and I moan . Covering my mouth with my hands when arousal courses through me from the bond with Kalen . Lycus chuckles .

” Told you , ” Lycus purrs , running his nose across my neck and shoulder .

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