Tasting Darkness [Tempting Darkness] By Jessica Hall Book 2 Chapter 18

Read Tasting Darkness [Tempting Darkness] By Jessica Hall Book 2 Chapter 18 – Darius POV

The warmth against my back was driving my bond insane. Tingles flared up my spine, yet it was the best night’s sleep I had in ages, though Kalen’s squirming woke me early, so I climbed out of bed, moving toward the couch. Kalen moved instantly and rolled toward Aleera, seeking her out. Seeking power out, but he would find none with her because she refused to take her magic back. I watched as their bonds sought each other out in their sleep, watched them drawn together like magnets. Tobias groans, and I could see his boxer shorts had pitched a tent, and I tried not to laugh. Yet even Aleera felt the space beside her.

Her outstretched hand touched the empty space where I was as Kalen rolled away, not picking up on her energy because she had none. I bite my lip as Lycus grabs Tobias’ cock in his sleep, making me wonder if Aleera would soon shred. They weren’t usually stirring like this. Ryze, who was perched on the windowsill, tilted his head, watching them as they sought each other out before he craned his neck, turning his head in my direction. His long tongue slivered and waggled in the air at me, and I raised an eyebrow at the bird with whom I had a love-hate relationship.

I roll my eyes, almost sensing what it is he wanted. Moving toward the bed, I hover over Aleera before gripping her chin. However, the moment I dipped my face lower, I could smell her intoxicating scent, awakening my own bond to another level.

She would shred soon so that just made my mind up further as I pressed my lips to hers. She jolts, her eyes flying open, and she gasps. I use that as my opportunity to slip my tongue past her plump lips, kissing her harder, forcibly. She would be forced to take my magic or not breathe.

Either way, she was taking it. Yet I could feel her resisting it. Fear coursed through the bond. She was scared of what I was without it. They all were, so it was no surprise, yet it would be more painful if she shredded without magic.

Letting her chin go, my hand trails down her arm moving beneath the blanket and down to her hip. Her bond latched onto mine hungrily as it took over. So, I moved my hand to her thigh before trailing my fingertips along the inside of her thigh.

Her legs parted on instinct, her bond taking control, and I used mine to draw hers out more as I cupped her pussy through her pajama shorts. She moans, her legs closing around my hand, and she kisses me back hungrily, making me chuckle as she siphoned me without realizing it.

My laughter seemed to pull her back to her senses because she jerked away from me, and I smiled down at her. Her face flushing as her bond called to mine, but I didn’t withdraw mine and force it back. Instead, let her feel it. Though after pressing my lips back to hers, I moved away. And in the nick of time before, Kalen pounced on her, his hands pawing at her.

As he stole her breath when he kissed her. I moved back to the couch, watching him trying to dominate her, but he wasn’t really sure what he was doing with her VOODO really sure what he was doing with her.

Us he had worked out, but Aleera, she was female and completely different. Yet Aleera was just as inexperienced. So she didn’t seem to notice the tremble in his hands as he tugged at her clothes. Though he yelps when Tobias sits up. Tobias smirks at me.

Lycus was still asleep, squeezing his cock, when Tobias looked at Kalen. He had undressed the bottom half of Aleera but struggled with her crop top, making her giggle as her arms and hair got tangled in it. Tobias raises an eyebrow at me and smirks.

Leaning over, he sinks his teeth into Kalen’s bare ass, making him jump and hiss. “Stop hogging her,” Tobias growls, seemingly in a good mood. Or maybe they were picking up on her energy. Kalen growls at him, shooting him a glare while 16030 PROOST growls at him, shooting him a glare while Tobias licks his bloodstained lips. Lycus waking up between the pair of them, sits up, taking in the surrounding scene, and his eyes flicker to his wolf.

A silly grin graces his face as he flicks his hair from his face and shoves Kalen off the bed. Kalen topples over the top of Aleera, landing on the floor with a thud, while Lycus snatched up his spot, forcing himself between Aleera’s legs. “That wasn’t nice,” Aleera scolds him, looking over the side of the bed where Kalen shakes himself. “I never claimed to be nice,” Lycus purrs nipping at her lips while Kalen pouted before his eyes went to Ryze.

It was odd seeing Kalen use his magic. We mostly forbid him of it, knowing the dark places it would take him. Yet the glaze in his O 000 eyes, I knew what he was doing as he looked at the phoenix. I found it amusing the way they fought for her attention, similar to how they used to fight for mine.

I just hoped they didn’t scare her. They could be vicious with one another, though usually Kalen always won. Ryze opens his wings and flaps them twice before swooping off the window ledge and sinking his talons into Lycus’ back, who squeals like a girl, and Ryze starts bashing his head with his beak while squawking.

Tobias howled with laughter while Lycus screamed like a banshee flailing, trying to get Ryze’s talon out of his back. Laughter spills from my lips when Aleera scolds the bird. “Ryze! Get off him!” she screeches as Lycus crushes her with his weight.

Ryze releases his talons from his 18031 20000 back, peering over Lycus’s shoulder at her, before looking at Kalen to tell her he had permission to attack. His tongue flicks out, caressing her cheek, and I whistle to him, making him sit upright. Lycus hisses as Ryze walks across his back before jumping off and flying over to me.

I pet his chest feathers and wink at Kalen, who had a mischievous grin on his face. “Now, where were we?” Lycus purrs, nipping at her neck when she shoves him off, making him land on the floor on his butt beside Kalen. “Getting ready for classes,” Aleera says, swinging her legs over the side of the bed.

Kalen and Lycus start wrestling on the floor, and Aleera shakes her head at them, stepping over the top of them to move toward the bathroom. Lycus grabs 000 her thigh as she steps over the top of them, and she looks down at him. His eyes were on her naked pussy. Lycus licks his lips when Kalen bites Lycus 1 chest, who was pinned beneath Lycus, making Lycus let her go.

She walks off, shutting the door as Kalen and Lycus fight trying to follow her. Tobias clicks his tongue. “Instead of fighting each other, why don’t one of you get here and get on your knees for me?” Tobias snaps at them. Lycus sits up and looks over to where Tobias was standing beside the bed, his pants tented still.

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