Tasting Darkness [Tempting Darkness] By Jessica Hall Book 2 Chapter 19

Read Tasting Darkness [Tempting Darkness] By Jessica Hall Book 2 Chapter 19 – Lycus huffs and shakes his head before pecking Kalen’s lips. “He’s all yours,” Lycus laughs, pushing off Kalen, who tries to trip him as he saunters off toward the bathroom, where I could hear the shower running. “Well, someone best be sucking this cock. It won’t suck itself,” Tobias whines, squeezing his dick through his shorts. I chuckle and look expectantly at Kalen, whose lips tug up, and my smile falls when he gets to his feet, rushing toward the bathroom, and I hear the lock click in place. That little… I growl when Tobias’s hands fall on my shoulders, and I groan, looking up to find Tobias leaning over me.

“Hope you have your chapstick,” Tobias xx B growls, and I groan before gripping his arm and ripping him over the arm of the chair and onto my lap. How I missed him. We had been at each other’s necks, so to see him want me near without wanting to kill me and me wanting to kill him was thrilling, but I wasn’t sucking cock this early in the damn morning. Tobias growled when I lifted my hips while gripping his. “I am not sucking cock, but you can feed on me,” I tell him, letting him sit up.

“Someone is sucking this fucking dick. I am not going to class like this!” he hisses, straddling my lap. I tilt my head to the side, and the temptation is too much, distracting him from his arousal momentarily as he sinks his fangs into my neck.

His tongue hungrily lapped at my neck, and his grip on my arms tightened O 0000 4000 80% tightened. He feeds on me for a few minutes before pulling away, sated, and recharged. He runs his tongue over the bite mark when I hear Lycus’s phone bing making me twist my head to look at the nightstand.

Tobias clicks his tongue at Ryze, who flies over, scoops the phone off the nightstand, and brings it back, dropping it in his hand. “What’s wrong?” I asked Tobias as he flicked through Lycus’s phone. “Nothing,” he says, but the way his brows scrunched and the strange anger through the bond, which wasn’t directed at me once, was an indicator that he was lying.

“Tobias!” I asked, and he sighed, turning the phone around to show me.

500 “Like I thought. I will fucking deal with it, “Tobias growls, climbing off my lap. I look at the screen and press my lips in a line. “What’s he want this time?” I snapped. “Probably the same thing as always, fucking money.

And if I find out Lycus was in the pits again for that bastard when he took off the other night, I will fucking kill him,” Tobias snarls. Just as the bathroom door opens, Lycus steps out with a towel around his waist. His eyes go to the phone in my hand, and he storms over, snatching it from my grip.

“What the fuck! Don’t go through my stuff!” he snarls, but I move before he can pull away and grips his wrist. “Were you in the pits?” I snapped at him.

He knows we hate him fighting, he hates 00000 4000 xxx 8 it too, and if I find out he is running around for that bastard again, he was in for a world of hurt. Lycus snarls and jerks his hand away, only to stumble backward and bump into Tobias.

“Answer him!” Tobias snaps. “I knew you smelt off when you returned home the other night after your run. I could tell you showered,” “I didn’t want to fucking ask! It’s fine. I have it handled.” “Until he asks for more money. Cut him off.

I don’t understand why you still fucking run to him whenever he comes looking for you,” I growl, furious. “I have it handled,” Lycus retorts, glaring at me as he storms off toward the closet. O 60600 000 Ooo “How much is it this time, Lycus?” Tobias asks, but Lycus doesn’t answer when I notice Aleera standing by the bathroom door.

“What is going on?” she asks, looking at Lycus, who slams the closet door. “Nothing. Just fucking Porter,” Tobias says.

“Who’s Porter?” “Lycus’s father,” I tell her, and she looks at me. “Wait, I thought his father put him in the orphanage?” she asks, and I nod my head. “Yeah, had nothing to do with him until he learned of who Lycus was mated to,” Tobias growls, walking off toward the closet. I motion to Aleera to come to me, and surprisingly, she does.

00000 O “Why would he talk to his father after that?” she whispered, still staring at the closet door where Tobias disappeared after Lycus. I tug her on my lap just as Kalen steps out, his hair wet and a towel low on his waist.

“What happened?” Kalen asks, and I grip Aleera’s chin when she goes to answer him. She seems to figure out my silent message as she looks at me because she doesn’t tell him. “Nothing, Tobias is harassing Lycus. So unless you want to suck his cock I would stay out here,” Aleera laughs, and Kalen’s lips turn up in the corners. I kiss her jaw, tugging on the front of her towel and opening it. She growls at me, snatching it closed.

“Are you right there?” she snaps at me, and my hand on her hip moves as I squeeze her ass. I tap her butt. “Get dressed. We have class,” I tell her, and I look at Kalen over my shoulder. “You will join us this morning. Tobias and Lycus will be busy,” I tell him, and he nods, moving toward the drawer to grab some shorts.

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