The Billionaire Mafia Chapter 1

Read The Billionaire Mafia Chapter 1 – We met again

(Sabrina’s POV)

I was at the resort with my three female friends. We are currently eating at a restaurant while we play a truth or dare. “Your turn,” Allysa said with a sly smile on her face. I couldn’t help but roll my eyes on that. I started to pull out the paper and was shocked when I read what’s written on it. “Punch someone,” I said in a low voice. Those are just a few of the things I read, which made my two eyebrows raised. “Do you see whose coming?” I looked at what the three had pointed out. A group of men I saw coming inside this restaurant. The man in the middle could not escape my eyes.

He was so handsome, tall, serious and most of all he was super hot on his tuxedo. He was talking to his colleague and doesn’t bother to look at on his surroundings.

“Seriously!” I unbelievably said towards the three bitches who are still smiling.

They nodded and I can’t help but to rolled my eyes in annoyance. As if I can do anything else? If I do not follow the dare, I will have to face the consequences and I wouldn’t like the punishment they will about to give me. So, I left no choice but to do the dare.

I stood up in the chair, then slowly walked towards the man’s direction. His brows furrowed as he noticed me coming nears them. As soon as I reach him, I clenched my fist and never hesitate to punch the man in the face.

“What the hell!” The man growled angrily and to my surprise there were a lot of guns pointed at me.

Automatically, I ran away but before that, I could still hear the loud laughter from my bitch friends.

My hair on the back of my neck stood up when I heard the man’s shout.

“Run now but I promise to find and chase you in hell! You’ll pay for ruining my nose bitch!” I was so nervous by how he threaten me but I didn’t stop running.

“That was so near,” I said to myself and couldn’t help but smile. It’s too shameful to think that I punched his nose. I can’t get over with it was still laughing as I walk my way at home.

Three months later…
It’s been three months since we went to the Resort with my three friends and at the moment, we are still together again in a Mall.

It’s our day-off from work and we gave each other a break from our exhausted works.

“I still can’t forget what you did when we were still at the Resort.” I shake my head when Jessel mentioned that again. I just rolled my eyes remembering the shameful events from the past. Because of their dare, I almost put my life in danger.

Remember that all the guns of those men were pointed at me. It’s too scary to think that I messed with a wrong person.

“The three of you still had the guts to laugh, although I’m almost shot with their guns. And then if I was shot and died, the three of you will going to cry and blame yourselves for doing that?” I shook my head in disbelief so, the three girls just burst out laughing.

“But admit it that you enjoyed it too?” Glaiza asked so I therefore laughed. Seriously, I admit to myself that I kinda like the game. I never thought punching a handsome man. And I never thought that of all man, he was the victim of our craziness. And I just wish, I won’t be able to see him again. Because if that happens, that was the worst nightmare in my life.

But I can’t help to think of happened to the man I punched? I’m sure he won’t forget what I did. As I was thinking of that, I can’t help but to burst out in laughter.

The four of us continue to talked while we were eating at Mang Inasal and then after that, we decided to went home early.

When I got home in my Condo unit, I slumped myself on the bed and rolled over. For that three months, why can’t I still forget that man’s face?

I can still remember his reaction when I punched him. And while I was thinking of him, I haven’t notice that I had fallen into a deep sleep while thinking of the man. Even in my dream, his face was still there.

In the next morning, I woke up early and went to the company. Today is Monday and the office were busy doing our respective works. I am the assistant of my boss, Mrs. Valdez. And because I am her Assistant, all the time I should be on her side.

“I want you to do something,” I looked up when my boss mentioned that.

“Anything, Ma’am.” I said smiling and become confused as shee handed me a folder. I wondered of what could me the content of the folder.

“Cullen’s Enterprise?” I asked in my confused reaction. “Isn’t this the biggest company in the world, Ma’am?” I added so she just nodded her head but the way she nod it was tinged with sadness.

“Our company is in bankruptcy, and that company is a big help to us Sab. Many of our investors pulled out their investment because of the issues we are encoutering today.” She said sadly and I seemed to want to cry hearing that.

I never thought that this company which I worked for so many years were in a bankruptcy because of a one mistake. A mistake that put the company’s image in a controversial issues.

“What do you want me to do, Ma’am?” I asked her and waiting for her response as well.

“I would like you to convince him to invest in our company, if that’s okay with you.” She asked me that my face brighten.

It is very easy for me to convince an investor because that’s my job. And I am pretty sure that this company is not hard to deal with.

“You can count on me Ma’am,” I said and glanced at the folder again. All I have to do is to convince the company to help our company.

Because of what my boss asked me to do, I am not going to work these past few days. I need to focus on this work and I plan that tomorrow, I will going to do my mission immediately but for now studying the company’s background is the most important thing that I had to settle with.

And also, the owner of this company is my top most priority. I need to study him before to deal with him.

That’s why I am now facing my laptop and carefully studying all the company’s natures. No doubt why it is so popular because it was being manage by a famous Business Tycoon.
“Damien Cullen,” I said to myself while thinking of his name. And when I clicked his name, my eyes widen. I never expected to the picture I was seeing now.

“Bullshit!” I said in too much shocked.

I never expect that the handsome man I punched at the resort, was the owner of the company that I now need to talk to.

I could feel myself blown away by the wind and immediately picked up the phone and then talked to the three bitches via Video call.

“I have a problem.” I immediately opened up to them so, they frowned immediately.

“What?” Allysa asked with her furrowed brows.

“Damien Cullen, the man I punch in the resort,” I stated which made the three to gasp.

“You’re dead.” Glaiza said that almost made me freeze to my seat.

“This is all your fault. Now, I don’t know what to do. How can I deal with him? The company I work for needs a help.” I am so frustrated as I think about how I will deal with the guy.

“Listen, all you have to do is pretend like you didn’t know him. And for sure he won’t recognize you.” Jessel said causing my eyes to roll.

“I really hope that what you said can help, Jess. I really hope so,” I said while thinking of the things that I need to do.

“Think positive okay? You can do it.” Allysa encourage me. I did nothing but to sigh aloud. I need to rest now because tomorrow, I need to face Mr. Cullen.

How I wish that he can really forget that what happen. Because if not, I don’t know what will I’m going to do.

I wanted to cry now in frustration. I don’t know how would I going face him tomorrow. How can I face the man who once become my victim? Although, I’m really confused but I pushed myself to sleep.

In the next morning, I left too early and I couldn’t help but be nervous. I was nervous thinking of what would be his reaction seeing me. Hopefully, he can’t recognize my face.

I’m already in front of the Cullen’s Enterprise and I can’t help but be impressed. The company is big and fabulous. Far different from ours.

I sighed aloud before finally ride the elevator to go to Mr. Cullen’s office. My whole body began to tremble in shame as I am getting nearer to the office.

I can’t help but to feel my sweat rolling down although, the air-conditioning is too cold.

I count repeatedly before the elevator finally open. I suddenly tripped on my heels that made me stumbled on the floor. I now kissed the floor. I saw someone’s foot, that made me to slowly looked up and felt my heart pounding.

“Careless woman,” said with a baritone male voice. I quickly stood up and arranged my clothes.

I turned around to the man and saw how his face bewildered. I bite my lower l*p in nervousness. It was even more embarrassing because I stumble on the floor, in front of him. It’s so embarrassing!

“You! It was you!” The man point his hand towards me and I can’t do nothing but to fake a smile.

“Good morning, Mr. Cullen.” I greet him while stuttering. Mr. Cullen has no reaction on his face.

“You’re the woman who punch me, am I right?” He asked me coldly. So, he recognize ne and I’m doomed now.

“Mr. Cullen, maybe you’re just mistaken.” I want to fool him but I don’t think it will work.

“No, I shouldn’t be mistaken, it was you! The woman who get the nerve to punch me in front of everyone!” He said eagerly and even held my hand tightly.

“You’ll pay for ruining my precious nose!” I was surprised at what he did next. He kissed me! F*ck, he really do!

And I freeze for awhile to what he just did.

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