The Billionaire Mafia Chapter 2

Read The Billionaire Mafia Chapter 2 – Mr. Pervert

(Sabrina’s POV)

I pushed him away for what he did towards me. Why the hell he kiss me? D*mn! He was a thief! “Why did you kiss me!?” I wanted to hit him hard for kissing all of a sudden. “And you? Why did you punch me and by the way, what are you doing in my office?” He asked eagerly. It was as if, I was drenched in a cold water when I suddenly remember why does I was here. “Wait Mr. Cullen, I didn’t mean to punch you.” I want to deny it but I can’t do anything but to tell the truth. After all he hasn’t forgotten that.

“Did not mean? Do you know woman that my nose is worth a million?” I swallowed my saliva and my eyes widened as if his nose was probably expensive. Did I really break his nose?

It doesn’t seem being destroyed, the shape of his nose is even piercing. It look like, he was only fooling me.

“But then, you paid it already. That kiss is your payment,” he said with his smiling face. I feel like, I’m in a rage. Maniac!

“You’re a Pervert!?” I was disgusted while telling him that. He has no manners for abruptly kissing me without my permission.

“Me a pervert? The hell, do you know it isn’t enough for you to pay me?” I really want to throw him out but I shouldn’t do that because I’m here to convince him and not to fight. “And who told you to step in my office? Or do you have any appointments or maybe had some other reasons of being here.” A smirk curve into his lips which made me blushed. It is like, he was referring of something.

A pervert, literally.

“Mr. Cullen, I just want to apologize for what I did at the resort last time. I didn’t really mean it and I want to ask you something.” I’m trying to do a puppy eyes for effective result but it doesn’t seem to work.

“Then what do you want?” He asked with his furrowed brows and he even sit down on his swivel chair. He looks really bossy. And I couldn’t help but be attracted to it.

I also sit down in front of him and handed him the folder. I couldn’t help but to bite the hand-held ballpen in th tension that I was feeling right now.

“Invest? Are you kidding me? Why should I invest in your company woman? elaborate some reasons,” she said in a commanding voice. I even swallowed my saliva before speaking.

“Because our company is in brankruptcy and your company Mr. Cullen, will help it revive.” I Courageously said.

“You must be kidding me. I will tell you woman frankly. I don’t want to invest in your company for two reasons,” he paused for a while which making making me nervous.

He even brought his face close to mine so, I stiffened in the seat. I could smell his fragrant breath.
“What was that, Mr. Cullen?” I asked in a stuttering voice. He stood up and sat at the table in front of me.

“First, you punch me with no reasons and second, I don’t want to waste my money on that company. You may leave now.” I could feel that the heaven and earth have fallen down on me in disappointment.

I won’t agree to leave his office without his agreement because we need his help and I cannot refuse to not help the company I work with.

“Mr. Cullen, I’m begging you please, your investment will not be wasted. We really need your help,” I said to him and Mr. Cullen just stared blankly at me as if he was reading my mind. “And about what I did, what should I do to pay you? And I thought that the kiss paid it already.” I was stunned when he suddenly burst out in laughter.

“That’s not yet enough. You really want me to help your company and to forgive you?” He asked and I didn’t hesitate but nod my head as response to him. “Then be my Personal assistant.” He added while looking at me in the eyes.

I was stunned again by what he said. Personal assistant?

“You’re just kidding me, Mr. Cullen and I knew it.” Along with that I burst in laugher but he just remained serious.

“I’m damn serious. If you decline my offer, then our appointment is done. You may go now.” He immediately stood up and lit a cigarette.

“Wait, Mr. Cullen. Fine, I will accept your offer but please invest in our company.” I confidently said. I have no choice but to accept his proposal.

“So, it’s settle then.” Therefore I stood up still and then face him. I hope I did the right thing.

“When do I need to start my job and so I can now pay for all my debts towards you?” I immediately asked him.

“Tomorrow. Pack your things and you must stay in my house. Remember you’re my Personal assistant and you should stay with me anytime and anywhere.” I have done anything but to opened wide my eyes disbelief.

My blood boiled to what I heard from him. I want to dislike it, but it has to be done because the company is at stake here.

“Do you have anything else to say, Mr. Cullen?” I sarcastically asked him.

“Don’t try to run away,” he said threateningly so I turned around and left.

But because of stupidity again, I suddenly tripped on the floor and kiss it for the second time around. Annoyingly, I stood up and took off my heels.

“Clumsy.” I can clearly hear from Mr. Cullen but I only rolled my eyes and then went out of his office before that, I even saw him smirk towards me.

I was so annoyed as I left Mr. Cullen’s company. I head straight to my Condo unit with my bad mood. I immediately put all my belongings on a luggage. By tomorrow, I need to move on his house.

I can’t run away like I did at the resort before. There’s no more turning back because the company I work for depends on it.

Then, when I already all of my stuffs were being pack, I immediately called Ma’am Valdez.

He answered only on a few ring of the phone.
“Hello, Sab?” She said on the other line.

“Ma’am, everything’s fine now.” I even heard Mrs. Valdez sighed alouf. She also become my friend now and the age gap we had is not so far.

I am indebted to her for helping me. With this, I can pay for all the kindness she showed up with me. I owe her my life because without Ma’am Valdez, I have no work.

“Thank you Sab, but did Mr. Cullen offer some agreements?” She asked that made me sigh.

“Yeah. He wants me to be his Personal sssistant.” I said calmedly.

“Sorry, Sabrina.” I just smiled at what she said.

“Nah, everything will be fine Ma’am, I can handle it. I still owe you my life and I haven’t done enough to paid you back” I said sincerely and she just sighed.

She once saved my life so I am really indebted to her even though that she didn’t mention it to me. I am returning back the favor to her.

After we talked on the phone, I immediately said goodbye to her and then hang up the phone. I need to prepare everything. After that, I decided to take a rest after this exhausting day.

The next morning, all of my belongings were ready and I was about to leave my Condo unit when I was surprised to saw numerous men outside of my door. Are we expecting some celebrities who stayed here?

“Are you Ms. Sabrina?” One of the men asked me.

“Yeah, why?” I asked curiously.

“We have been assigned to follow you.” Another men said so I just nodded my head. They are after me and for sure, this is Damien’s personnel.

I got out of them first and went to the parking lot area. I was even surprised when I arrived there, Mr. Pervert is what I saw leaning on his car as if he was being so relaxed.

“There you are.” His face enlighten when he saw me and then he gave me a demonic grin. I only shake my head because I was so disgusted by how he playfully smile towards me.

“You can ride now.” He ordered and because I am planning to annoyed him, I made a joke.

“Where am I going to ride? On top of the car or towards you Mr. Pervert, I mean Mr. Cullen?” I asked smiling and I noticed on his reaction that seemed not liking it.

“If you want, you can ride on top of me.” He suddenly said and wink. I blushed.

D*mn! He’s really a pervert.


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