The Billionaire Mafia Chapter 3

Read The Billionaire Mafia Chapter 3 – The Red room

(Sabrina’s POV)

A few days have been passed since I moved into Mr. Cullen’ss house. Until now, I was still so amaze how magnificent his house is. Although, his house is too big but seems to be quite and boring out. I never saw his parents nor siblings here. Only the Maids and his other staff is what I saw. I want to asked him about his family but I don’t know where to get the courage to ask him. Until now, I am still unaware of why does Mr. Cullen hired me as his Personal assistant where in fact, he wasn’t given me any task, yet. So, I am still confuse of what really is my role.

I sat on one of the couches here in Mr. Cullen’s huge living room while watching a television. I got bored, you know.

“Go to my office now.” Because someone spoke behind on my back that I didn’t notice, I suddenly jumped in fears. I never thought that someone is behind me.

“Why do you scared me! Oh, It’s you, Mr. Cullen.” I was bite my lower lip because I realized that it was Mr. Cullen whom I screamed with.

“Follow me.” His response was so cold so therefore, I followed him without any hesitation. He went inside of his office and I can’t still stop myself but to be amaze. Even his office is too elegant.

“Take your seat,” he motion me to sit down which I did. I sat on the chair in front of him.

“Have you any idea of what could be your work?” He suddenly asked so, I think of it carefully.

“Helping you in your company, Mr. Cullen?” I alsed unreassuringly while raising my two brows. Mr. Cullen just stared me blankly in disbelief to what I replied at him. I can’t help but I avoid my eyes to him immediately because he seemed to be absorbing my strength.

“Do you know that aside from assisting me in my works, You will be my s*x slave?” He said frankly, causing me to cough and fell down to my seat.

What s*x slave? He must be crazy? There’s no way I would agree to be his s*x slave. I do not even experience to have a boyfriend and never been touch before. And then now, he’s telling me that he want me to be his s*x slave?

No way!

“What did you say? You are making me laugh, Mr. Cullen?” I can no longer stop myself from bursting out in laughter. He’s making me laugh.

“Nah, I’m serious.” He seriously said and slowly approached me. He even leveled his face with me so I could freely inhale his fragrant scent.

“Mr. Cullen, are you kidding?” I stutter when asking him that but he has no reaction at all.

“I still remember your face when you punch me woman and I can’t still believe it until now.” My heart start to pound in nervousness as he start to kiss me.

I clung my hand to his neck as my body start to melt. He kissed me for the second time, but this time his kiss is wanting me to respond.

And I don’t think I can still stop myself to not respond. I answered his kiss that I can’t even explain why I do that.

“You like it?” He asked me as he voluntarily stop the kiss. I end up being embarrassed again. Why did I let him to kiss me?

Like what the hell?

“Mr. Cullen, I know that I punched you but I hope you can still forgive me that.” I apologize as I bend over. I was embarrassed to look at him and has no courage to meet his enticing eyes.

“But I never accept a simple sorry woman. I want you to be my s*x slave.” I was even surprised by Mr. Cullen’s response. I couldn’t figure out if what he said is true or he was just kidding me. But it is too much. From his request of me being his Personal assistant and then now, he was planning to made me his toy in bed?

I won’t agree with this. This is so exaggerated.

“This is too much, Mr. Cullen.” I said in my gritted teeth. It never cross in my head that we would asked me to be his s*x slave. All I thought is my job is to help him oh his work but I never thought that he want more not only for being an assistant.

“Why are you declining my offer woman? Don’t you know that my words were too expensive? If it is other women in your position, I am very sure that they surely agreed to my offer and then abruptly take of their dress in front of me.” My face turned into red as what he said.

“But I’m sorry Sire, I’m not like them. I maybe stubborn, but I’m not like that.” I said seriously towards him. My curiosity evolve as there was a satisfied smiled on Mr. Cullen’s face that I never thought.

“You passed.” I cringed at what he said. Sometimes, Damien Cullen is too hard to deal with. You will never predict what was on his mind. He was too hard to read.

“What do you mean?” I wondered.

“I was trying to test you. I want to make sure that you are not a slut because I don’t like that kind of woman. I need someone to trust with and I have found you already.” I felt relief by what he said.

I thought that he was going to made me his s*x slave. But then, he was only joking. Thinking about that, I was so d*mn scared.

“But if you insist on having s*x with me, I’m free anytime and anywhere,” he said with a silly smile on his face. Oh, I can’t help but to feel my face turned into redness now. I can’t believe to what Mr. Cullen said. He is really a pervert and I think, it won’t be denied.

“All right Mr. Cullen, I’m leaving now.” I stuttered and suddenly ran away at his office but because I was in a hurry I hit the wall again.

Oh wait, it isn’t a wall but a living man.
“Are you okay, Ma’am?” The man asked me and I nodded my head immediately. I did not hesitate to look at him anymore.

I quickly went inside of my room and closed the door. I even leaned my body against the door because of the fast pounded of my heart. I am very affected to what Mr. Cullen utter.

I decided to lay myself on the bed and tried to forget what happened earlier. Until I did not notice myself being on a deep sleep now.

The next morning, I woke up too early because I have some work today. I finished myself getting dressed and decide to comes out of my room. Suddenly, my curiosity evolve when I noticed an open room. I decided to to know what was inside of the room.

My eyes almost popped out at what I saw. A red room, with a king size bed which is being surrounded of different kinds of things. I don’t know what or where does these things be used. And then suddenly, a movie popped in my head. It is very look a like with that movie.

I was stunned by the thought in my head. Different imagination keep on popping out of my head. I am trying to figure out what was those things be used with.

“You’re not allowed here.” I was stunned when I heard someone spoke behind my back.

“I’m sorry M-mr. Cullen, I found out that the door is wide open.” I apologize to him the moment that I found out it was him.

“Do you know that entering that room has meaning to me?” I was can’t help but to feel nervous to what he said.

“What was that, Mr. Cullen?” I stuttered when asking him that. He took a very deep breath before to speak up.

“No turning back, you will be mine. Because know what I am hiding there.” My mouth is gaping again. I also don’t understand what he is trying to say.

“Mr. Cullen, can you tell me what is it. What does it mean to be in here?” I asked confusedly.

“Nah, just forget it. I’m am only giving you a warning, don’t ever enter this room again or else you’ll face the consequences. This must serve as a warning.” After he said that, he pulled my hand immediately.

I was left confused because what does it really mean to enter that red room?

“Mr. Cullen, do you have anything that you want me to do with?” I asked him. Because I am his assistant, so it’s my responsibility to assist the boss.

“Kissed me then.” My eyes wide open to what Mr. Cullen said. I can feel my heart pounded in nervousness after hearing what he said.

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