The Billionaire Mafia Chapter 4

Read The Billionaire Mafia Chapter 4 – Weird feelings

(Sabrina’s POV)

My mouth open as of this moment and I seem to stiffen because of what Mr. Cullen said. I don’t know what to say and I am speechless. But what I don’t understand is why does I did what he said. I initiate the kiss in front of his men! I was also shocked and I can’t explain why I did that either. Our lips still parted to each other when I felt Mr. Cullen’s hand wrap around my waist. And I could feel his lips formed into a smile.

Damn! What’s happening on me? Why Am I wanting Mr. Cullen’s kissed even more. Suddenly I was brought back to my senses and immediately let go of his kiss. I was embarrassed on it. I can’t bear to look at Mr. Cullen’s staff and even to him, I am ashamed of.

I don’t know how would I going to deal with them with what I did just now. Seriously, it is so super embarrassing!

“Don’t feel ashamed, it’s natural,” said by Mr. Cullen in a whispered manner. I want to tell him what is being natural with that?

It’s so embarrassing that I was the one who initiate the kiss, then he would about to say that it is only natural? Is it natural for me to kiss out of place?

I wish the earth would swallow me up. It’s so embarrassing!

“Ms. Alvarez, let’s go,” he said on his serious voice. I immediately turned my attention to him. I was suddenly feeling nervous and I felt that my attention is focused only to him.

Something suddenly entered my mind that I did not expect. What’s even more terrifying is how I thought of that. I saw myself and Mr. Cullen, doing s*x. I see myself enjoying of what we are doing.

What’s happening? I am dreaming? And it is too impossible for that to happen. I was so awake and not literally sleeping.

“Ms. Alvarez.” I even jumped when suddenly someone took my hand.

“S*x.” I even covered my mouth when suddenly it came right out of my mouth. What a naughty mouth!

I’m doomed.

“What did you say?” Mr. Cullen asked me while he was smiling. I just shook my head and tried to control myself.

I just turned my back to Mr. Cullen and began to walk to get out and leave. Suddenly, I remember that I do not know yet which was the car we are going to use. Because there were a lot cars being parked in here.

“If you want s*x, don’t hesitate to tell me.” I feel my hair stand on end because of what Mr. Cullen said. He suddenly appeared behind me and whispered that terrifying words. My brain can’t seem to cope with it.

I even heard Mr. Cullen laughing before getting into his car. And I remained standing because my brain didn’t seem to work.

“Ride in.” I heard from Mr. Cullen. That’s why I got on board and didn’t hesitate. What if he was going to leave me, it was still my first day today.

While we were on the flight, I did not look at towards Mr. Cullen. My whole attention was just outside because when I looked around Mr. Cullen, something else comes to my mind.

Seems like a I want to do something, unexpected.

For about a minute of our flight, we finally got to Cullen’s Enterprise right away and I can tell that, there were a lot of people waiting outside. For sure, this is Mr. Cullen’s employees.

Mr. Cullen and I immediately get off the car. Since he walk first, I have no choice but to followed him. We walked in and I could see that almost all of the employees were greeting him but Mr. Cullen didn’t even respond to them. He just keep on walking so do I.

We are already in the elevator and I noticed that it was only the two of us on board. Oh maybe because he went through the private elevator. His other personnel is in the other elevator. Because I am his assistant, that is why I am with him.

I just remained silent as we walked up to his office. And as the elevator opened, a very beautiful woman appeared in front of me.

“Hon!” He shouted loudly and greeted Mr. Cullen with a hug. I clenched my fist at the annoyance to what the girl did.

I feel like I want to drag the woman by hugging Mr. Cullen.

“How are you?” The smiling woman asked him. On the other hand, I was just in a corner and was getting annoyed listening to them. It will be better to poke this woman’s eye.

“What are you doing here? Who let you in?” Mr. Cullen asked her on his cold voice. I secretly smiled by how Damien treated her. I also want to burst in laughter because I feel that he was so disgusted with the woman.

“Visiting you, why aren’t you calling me to go back to your mansion and we’ll hang out in the red room?” Asked by the woman who made my ears tingle when I heard the word Red room. Wait, don’t tell me that the woman has already entered there?

I felt jealous thinking of that and That’s what I didn’t understand. Why am I feeling jealous now?

I’m confused.

“Shut up, Maureen.” Mr. Cullen said and I saw in the woman’s reaction that she was hurt.

“What are you saying? Why are you getting cold to me?” The woman asked in disbelief. However, I am secretly smiling in here because it seems that I am watching a live show to a movie.

“Get out of my office now.” Mr. Cullen said towards her but the woman was not shaken and seems not affected by Damien’s command. The woman glared me and her eyes were like threatening me.

And because I want to tease, I gave the woman a flying kiss. She glared at me and trying to warn me. I only smiled and intentionally to showed her how my lip curve into a smirk.

“Tell me Damien, is she the girl you replace at me!” The woman growled while looking at me and she even pointed her hand towards me.

But since I am not affected to her. I didn’t do anything but to stared her blankly. What I did apart from winking and giving her a flying kiss would be enough to tease her.

“Shut up!” Damien was so angry towards the girl but she seemed not to listen. She even approached me and glared at me from head to toe.

“You have no taste.” The woman said frankly which made my blood boiled in anger, but I chose to be calm. I really don’t want to cause a scandal in front of my boss.

“Excuse me, Ms. Maureen. I am being silent in here, so why are you bothering me?” I asked while I raised my one eyebrow.

Maureen looked at me badly and seemed to eat me alive. I was even annoyed with how she looks at me.

“How dare you!” She’s about to slap me but Damien stop her to do so.

“Don’t fuck lay your hands on my wife!” He angrily said that made us on shocked. I was stunned to what he said that I am his wife.

I knew I was not deaf so, I heard what he said clearly and instead of being angry I become shivered.

“W-wife?” Maureen asked in surprise. He looked around at me and to Mr. Cullen.

Mr. Cullen approached me and my heart beat so fast. It’s as if that I want to jumped when he squeezed my waist and then kissed me on the lips but was just a smack.

I can’t say anything because my world seems to stopped for a moment. I can’t even believe to hear those from him.

“Dammit!” Maureen sped away and I only watch her left the place. She was gone already but I remained standing and still being stunned. Seriously, I am really speechless. I coul feel so mixed emotions.

“Sabrina,” said a baritone voice so I was brought back to my senses when I heard the voice of Mr. Cullen.

“Mr Cullen.” I stuttered to mention his name.

“Just stop calling me Mr. Cullen. Please call me by my name, Damien or if ever that you have something in my mind, your free to call me.” He said while smiling. There were only one thing in my head and I want to slap myself for thinking this this thing. I just can’t help to think about it after he kissed me.

S*x. S*x. S*x.

That kept ringing to my mind. My mind almost reach the planet mars for me thinking of it abruptly.

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