The Billionaire Mafia Chapter 5

Read The Billionaire Mafia Chapter 5 – Jealous

(Sabrina’s POV)

I couldn’t help but glance at Mr. Cullen who is now very serious and focused all his attention on the piled up paper works on the table. I couldn’t help but laugh when I noticed that his eyebrows met, but suddenly my body became hot when the red room crosses my mind again. What is it really for? And why do I feel this way every time that I remember that room? I was attacked by my curiosity.

“Ms. Alvarez,” he called on his baritone voice. I was surprised because of the sudden call of Mr. Cullen towards me. “You’re spacing out, Ms. Alvarez.” He added. “S-sir?” I even straightened up when I spoke. I didn’t even notice that I was stunned when hearing his manly voice.

“Let’s take our lunch.” He said so, I stood up immediately.

“I’ll buy our foods, Mr. Cullen.” I said but I was surprised when he suddenly shook his head. What was he thinking, huh?

“Nah, let’s take our lunch together.” He said and started to stand up. I was left speechless and did not know what to say. But later on, I smiled in the thought that he want to eat with me. It’s like, I want to jump on Mr. Cullen’s sweetness.

I stood up and was about to walk when he suddenly took my hand. I looked at him in my surprising look.

“S-sir, my hand,” I said but he just stared at me. I couldn’t help but wince as he tightened his grip on my hand. “Your holding my hand tightly, Sir.” I utter but he only stared at me. And then suddenly, I notice something on his eyes. I’m not sure about it but he’s staring me with so much desire.

“I like you.” My mouth open wide as I heard him utter that three words. I can’t explain how I feel right now. I want Jump or roll on the floor because of the excitement.

“I like you too, Sir.” I liked to answer him like that, but of course there is still shame left in my body. And one more thing, maybe he’s just kidding me.

But I really want to tell him that I like him too but it’s too late. Mr. Cullen took my lips already.

He kissed me again and it seems that I do want to feel him more. Why can’t I feel the resistance to his kiss? I felt weak and I would fall anytime, but Damien immediately grabbed me on my waist which stop me from falling down the ground.

I can’t explain why I didn’t object. I can’t stop him of kissing me. I must be angry towards him because he’s not my boyfriend. But why do I like his kisses?

I found myself being comfortable on his hugs and even with his kiss. Damn! We just met a few days ago, but now, it seems that we met a long time ago.

And what more shocking, I am kissing the man I punch on the resort which turns out to be my boss. Insane isn’t it?

“I’m sorry, Sabrina. I just can’t stop myself from kissing you. You made me always hard on.” He said and I could feel the redness on my face. I was about to look away, but he immediately raised my chin.

“Honestly,” he said and I just listened to the continuation of his sentence. “When I was in the resort, you got my attention right away. Before you punched me I noticed your presence.” He said seriously. My heart beat so fast for no apparent reason.

“D-damien.” I don’t know what to say because I was stunned. How would I going to believe what was this handsome man is saying.

“I’m serious, I like you to be my s*x slave.” He humbly said which made me astounded. I thought he really like me, but he wanted me to be a s*x slave. He’s really a pervert. I thought he mean what he said earlier but it was a different purpose.

Damien Cullen is too unpredictable. I don’t even know if I’ll laugh or get annoyed with him. But I inevitably felt frustrated when I remember he mentioned the s*x slave thingy.

“D-damien, you’re joking right?” I laughed along with that because I wanted to hide my frustration.

“Sabrina, I’m not just a businessman but, I’m a mafia king too. A dominant and a sadist. I like to play in the bed but to someone I want. I have flings before but no one of them ever pass my standards.” I was just stunned by what he said. I didn’t know what to say because I was surprised too.

“I’ve never been in love, but I want to feel that. I’m tired of being alone and living in my big mansion with my heart filled with bitterness. So you’re the one I want to made me feel that love.” He said seriously and I can’t help but open wide my mouth in awe.

“What do you want me to do?” I asked. He sighed first before answering my question.

“Made me feel love and pleasure me at the same time.” He said so I feel red all over my face at the last words he mentioned.

I don’t know what I would answer to everything that Damien said. It’s just weird that I can’t object to what he says. After all, I must be angry with him. So, I also don’t understand myself either.

I’m not angry and I still feel in favor of all that. I seem to like what Damien is saying too.

Damien and I just talked afterwards and ate lunch. I laughed a lot because I seemed to know him better. I look like fool because I was the one being funny in here, while he’s just being serious. Maybe, it’s his nature to be serious despite the funny things I said.

I even said good-bye to Damien to met my three bitch friends at the Mall. They said they missed me. Thankfully, that he allowed me because if not, I just don’t know.

I was already standing right in front of the famous food restaurant when I saw that my three friends were already inside. I was just a short distance away and waving my hand to them.

“Hey, bitch,” Jessel said. “How are you?” He added so I smiled.

I immediately approached them and we just talked. We laughed happily and reminisce what happened before.

They even asked me about

Damien but I’m just laughing. I always remember what Damien said earlier.
I turned my attention when my phone rang. I picked it up and immediately answered the caller.

“Where are you?” It was as if my heart pound too fast when I heard Damien’s voice.

“At the mall,” I said being stunned. Why is he asking me? “Do you need anything from me?” I added but he did not answer my question.

“Give me ten minutes and I’ll be there.” He said and immediately hung up the phone. I raised an eyebrow because I didn’t get what was happening to him. I couldn’t help but be nervous about the last thing he said.

“Is that your lover boy?” Jessel asked smiling so, I couldn’t help but roll my eyes.

“Hey, bitch!” I stood up when I heard the woman’s voice speak behind me.

I frowned when I saw the retouched Madison. He grinned before pouring juice on my face.

I gasped in shock.

“What the f*ck!” I couldn’t help but cussed at what she did towards. Is she has a problem with me?

“That thing makes you look like a rag.” She said and which made me boiled in anger. What is she calling me, a rag?

“Don’t stop me.” I threatened my three friends and noticed that they were laughing.

“Nothing’s stopping you.” Glaiza said so I was astounded.

“Nothing?” I asked before facing the bitch Madison. I even felt sorry for her and took the Ice tea then poured it on her face.

“bitch!” He shouted angrily and was about to slap me but I stopped her hand.

“Slap me once and you’ll get double!” I threatened and looked at her seriously.

I threw away her hand and stared at her wickedly. I noticed there’s a lot of people who are watching us inside.

I was even stunned when Madison suddenly pulled the caliber gun out of her bag and pointed it at me. It’s weird, but I don’t felt ashamed towards her.

“You beast! You taken away Damien from me!” She said angrily which made me furrowed my brows.

“Put the gun down, Madison!” It was as if, my heartbeat suddenly quickened when I heard Damien’s voice and he suddenly pull me away from Madison.

“D-damien,” Madison said. “Please come back to me.” She beg him.

She really love Damien so much that she’s willing to do everything. That she’s ready to kill me?

Damien slowly approached Madison and snatched the gun from her and pulled Madison out of the mall. It was as if my heart was pounding too fast at what I witnessed.

Do I love him now? Why do I feel that way? Am I jealous of them? I don’t know what’s happening to me and why am I affected like this.

“Sab?” I saw the worried faces of the three so, I faked a smile at them and headed home.

They took me to Damien’s mansion and I sluggishly walked inside the house. When I went inside, I found Damien sitting on the sofa and looking at me. I was still sighing and was about to pass him when I noticed something.


She was topless and seems like the heat on my face began to arise when I saw his naked body. I freely watched his six-pack abs.

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