The Consortium’s Heir Chapter 1

Read The Consortium’s Heir Chapter 1 – It was ten o’clock at night at the male dormitory building in the university campus. Four boys were lying on their dormitory beds talking to each other and having fun. Suddenly, the door to their dormitory room opened and a person rushed in.

“Hey guys! Come take a look at this! David Lesley is proposing to Sarah Ginn! It’s being broadcasted on the school account on Groove!” He said, waving the phone in his hands.

Immediately, three of the four boys who were having fun rushed towards the newcomer and sat around him, eager to know the outcome of the proposal.

As to the reason for their eagerness, it was very simple. Sarah Ginn was widely acknowledged as one of the campus top beauties. Although she didn’t make it into the top 5 in the list of beauties in the campus, she was still among the top 10.

David Lesley, the person who was proposing to Sarah Ginn was widely known around the whole Kingston University. He was tall, handsome and most importantly very wealthy. He came from a wealthy background and his family; the Lesley family owned and managed a variety of business.

As proof of his wealth, the car he drove on campus, a Porsche Carerra GT was reportedly worth a whooping sum of 2 million dollars. That went to show how much wealth his family had.

Many students were on Groove, a popular streaming platform the moment they got wind of the news. This could be the birth of a power couple, a rich and handsome man with a beautiful girl. Who would want to miss such a proposal?

However, as the members of the male dormitory were eagerly watching the live stream, another male remained where he lay on his bed.

The members of the male dormitory present were all dressed decently. Although they were not overly wealthy, it was obvious at a glance that they were well to do. However, the male who remained on his bed was dressed differently from them. At a single glance, one could tell that he was very poor, as his outfit was very subpar compared to his dorm mates. The male was none other than Darius Reid.

Darius Reid was a 20 year old male who was in his third year of university. He was tall at 191 cm, and was very handsome. However, his good looks and height were completely overshadowed by his poverty. He was a well known peasant in the university.

As someone who had no idea who his parents was and grew up in an orphanage, Darius had been poor from the start. He had worked very hard when he got to 18 years of age and his stay at the orphanage expired. He set his sights on Kingston University, the top university in the country. Because he was very smart, he was able to pass their entrance examinations and make it into the university. He was even given his first choice of study, Business Management.

As he was the one sponsoring his self, he had little time for himself and always worked numerous part time jobs to make ends meet. It was at one of his part time jobs that he met Sarah Ginn, one of the campus beauties.

He was instantly smitten when he saw her, and started courting her, disregarding his initial goal of making it big before being in a relationship. He had courted her for 6 months before she finally agreed to be in a relationship with him.

She made a condition of never making their relationship open, and made him swear to keep it private. She convinced him to do so because she wanted to keep their relationship away from prying eyes. However, their relationship hadn’t even lasted a month before this situation happened.

Darius was skeptical at first when he heard the name Sarah Ginn, but waved it off. Even if the richest guy on campus proposed to her, he believed that Sarah would turn him down. After all, their relationship was not based on material wealth but on true love.

However, he still brought out his phone and logged in to his account on Groove. He wanted to see for himself how the proposal would turn out.

The stream started playing and the video came on. It showed a very luxurious background, with Sarah and Charles dining there. Darius checked the comments in the live stream and was shocked at what he saw.

“Woahhh. Isn’t that the Sky Golden  Hotel? The only 7-star hotel in the whole of Mayflower district?”

“Yes it is. I heard that a single meal cost at least $10,000 there.”

“Wow. So expensive. Sarah must be lucky huh. Do you think she’ll reject the proposal?”

“What? Of course not. Or else where would she find another guy as rich and handsome as David in this campus?”

“You’re right. She’ll definitely accept the proposal.”

As Darius went through the comments on the stream, his heart started beating fast. He never knew that such an expensive place existed! How could a single meal cost at least $10,000? That was completely ridiculous. In all his years of part-time work he had never made up to $1,000 talk less of ten times the amount.

Darius felt his trust in Sarah beginning to waver after reading those comments. He had taken Sarah out for meals on several occasions, and he had never spent up to $50 on a single meal. Although she never complained, Darius felt that compared to what she was receiving now, he was nothing worth mentioning.

The stream went on for a few more hours, and it included the scenes where two of them ate luxurious foods, drank luxurious drinks and even talked about trivial things together. Finally, the moment they were all waiting for arrived, and David asked Sarah to be his girlfriend.

Everyone, including Darius felt their hearts stopping. From the stream that he had been watching, Darius already felt Sarah slipping through his hands, but was still optimistic that she would reject David.

However, it was all for naught. Sarah agreed to be his girlfriend.

Darius felt his heart wrenching out when two of them shared a deep kiss on the stream. Including the six months he had courted her for; there had been very little physical touch between the two of them. Yet, not even a minute had gone by after she agreed and she already shared a kiss with him.

arius felt tears escaping his eyes, but his dorm mates never noticed as they were too focused on the live stream. After a few seconds, Darius wiped his eyes and stopped crying. He left the dorm and started walking towards the Sky Golden Hotel.

He was going to ask Sarah why she agreed to date another person while they were still in a relationship.

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